Thank you community, you helped me get to this point


About a week ago I asked for advice on things I could improve with my gameplay.

With each video I did get some decent work in. Now while in this video I might bumble a little bit, This is the first game I have played of Evolve with the Keyboard and Mouse and its the first time I also preferred to use it for its…

mobile friendly


hahhaha. i am happy that you like it but on the other side it makes me sad that there was even a sliver of doubt

but what the hell is with that damage? did you run full DR?


I like that 80’s music on the background with Bob, so funny and it fits!


and then i was like,

“stretching my hands” and once i was done and I rounded the corner it starts singing about “True Colors”

Lol… so funny.

@Ryaneko its a bit of Heinz 57 sauce


Does the armor regen really work that much? Is it to try and close yourself out and get some quick armor before re-engaging?

Just curious why you choose armor regen and dmg reduction over damage reduction entirely. Although movement speed is definitely needed, because he is already so slow.


With this setup tyere a couple happy points.

1), it creates a shield sustain during combat
2) when i flee it allows me to absorb ticks of damage to refuel my traversal regen.
3)as you noted its great for a quick reengagment to catch the hunters off guard.


I can’t see the first video anymore. It has a copyright claim on it now.

Anyway I’m glad that you’re adjusting to kb/m. You really can’t beat it for accuracy. Stick with it. It’s a skill like any other. Practice makes perfect.


I still fumble a bit with it.

But anyone with a special mouse or keyboard should realize that they qualify as controllers in my book.

Although i can see how a gaming mouse would make things easier but how does a gamung keyboard switch things up?


Mechanical keyboards feel better to use. There is a lot of different kinds out there and people prefer different styles. Some have keys that are very fast and light while others are very click-y and others have stiff keys that you have to press down on harder to press.

I use this link to introduce people to the information.


Well, I would to Say thank you once again…

I asked the community for ideas on how to play the new overpowered map with a monster.

Submitted for your approval



Ryaneko, hun…

I wanted you to know. I now prefer KB and mouse for evolve.