Thank you. Also a suggestion


Hardly anyone appreciates a good game anymore Nobody’s patient. They just bash it and call it shit for the most inane things.

This thread is the opposite.

Thank you, 2k. Thank you Turtle Rock.

You’ve delivered us a quality title.

I hope this is a successful title. I would love to see it prosper and possibly a sequel (Can you imagine if this was an open world MMO?).

As for a suggestion:

Whenever you kill X amount of wildlife, plants, or monsters, you unlock your first “bestiary” entry, which includes back-story and anatomy. There would be one per every one in the game. This will indulge the player into the lore more.


Thank you for this! …and for your patience with the beta. It’s all about testing to ensure a working game on release day. I will be sure the devs see this. Thanks again!


Yes, indeed. I think Turtle Rock Studios does deserve a big thanks and congratulations.

Big personal gratitude from me regarding optimization; can run the Tutorial (and some Skirmish games) without lag using minimum specs. That’s a huge improvement from the Alpha, would like to see more if possible in the future.

I think this is a great idea.


Funny thing is. they wanted to add a beastiary in the beginning of the game. I’m not sure if they are working on it now…


You come here from ign?


No acctually.

I think it’d be intresting to unlock lore tidbits when you rank up abilities as well. For example, learn about the tesla weapon that Markov uses, or who builds those toxic grenades


I think hydes weapons are explains through dialog, he served in some kind of chem war where they used chemical weapons since the enemy had good bullet protection


Huh. haven’t heard that one yet.


Yeah I love this game!! can’t wait for the full game!!


Devs originally had this in the plans but it was cut out. Just a lot of extra work and writing that they didn’t have time or the budget for, especially with THQ troubles and whatnot.


Ah… oh well. Maybe later down the road.


How TR’s Evolve alpha was more quality than assassins creed unity, the crew, far cry 4 and H:TMCC is beyond me. The netcode is very solid, the QA is trump tight and the presentation is beautiful.

Its a shame that out of the 44 people on my friends list, im the only one playing.

I wish TR didnt have to acquiesce to 2k’s garbage pre-order deals. Otherwise this game would be near flawless.

On that note, PLEASE DONT PRE-ORDER Evolve or anything for that matter. What your telling publishers by doing so is thats its okay to hold content at ransom and its okay to release a broken game.
Besides, I Promise that there will be not shortages anywhere for this game on day 1.
How many times have you pre-ordered a game and been burned on day one because its pretty much broken?