Thank you all Moderators!


You nice people are great!!
I have rarely been to a forum with this approach and how well you are able to handle all these beta posts!

Still, I hope you find some time to play?! :wink:


Obviously you handle the forums when you’re supposed to be working and play when you get home! EVOLVE 24/7. EVOLVE IS LOVE. EVOLVE IS LIFE.


Thank YOU for visiting the forums! Also, thank you for your support, both for Evolve and also for building up the community. We Developers, Moderators, and Leaders, AND forum goers too really seek to create a welcoming, warm place for gamers to find each other, drop their concerns and issues, have a good time and celebrate all things Evolve! You’re the reason the team is willing to go all-in to making it all work. Yes we sacrifice some game time and our sleep, and who knows what else (blood sweat and tears from the devs!), and it’s all for a good cause! Posts like this remind us that it’s all worth it!


“Welcoming, warm place.” The Turtle Rock Forums are like a hug from Goliath.


Daw! Now I feel all warm and fuzzy. We’re just doing the best we can! Thanks for all of you for coming to visit and share stories about your experiences and excitement. The energy is always so good here - It’s a pleasure to serve a community like this one.





Thanks from the Live team!

  • Gertz


Yea THANK YOU!! Aren’t they something?


the steam community forums are something else :slight_smile: I must say if you can only see posts that are free of ahem… allergens, you’re encouraged and motivated more to write clean posts yourself so I guess the “infection” works the other way also.


Time to Bump this thread, seeing that nothing has changed!
You still are amazing, extremely helpful and cool with us!