Th Wraith and spawn timer are PURE CRAP!


The Wraith is the most OP’ed character I’ve seen in a videogame. His attacks are WAY too powerful along with him also being WAY too fast. I like the fact they nerfed the other monsters to make it more enjoyable. But for the love of GO, make the respawn timer NO MORE than 30 seconds. Anymore than that you might as well just give it to the monster. And nerf the WAY OP’ed Wraith as well. This game will be getting traded before a month is up. It gets boring running in circles for 10 minutes trying to find the monster just to be slaughtered, then having to wait an eternity to respawn. I believe just fixing the respawn timer to NO MORE than 30 seconds would solve A LOT of the ways the monsters are overpowered.


So basically the monster can only win if he manages to kill the full team within 30 seconds? What if one of them always runs away in another direction?


All hail our lord and saviour GO.


There is much debate about Wraith at the moment but the Spawn timer is fine. The Monsters as a whole are not OP and 2 minutes is generous considering you get to come back to life an unlimited amount of times.


Here’s my solution to the Wraith; give the hunters what they want… straight up nerf to the dmg of nova/blast, decoy do NO dmg, abduct do NO dmg. However, make her the tankiest monster in the game, with near infinite warp-charges. See how the cry babies like it then. -.-

Honestly so fed up with lame, no-skill brats screaming like a baby when they don’t get their way. I blame todays western society… “daddy gives me money and mommy tells me I’m best at EVERYTHING!” And at actual tournaments and contests, everybody gets a trophy! We need to start… physically educate teenagers in school again… god damn you people upset me!


In my limited play times I’ve yet to lose against a wraith.


So glad few people are taking these posts seriously anymore lol.

This post is pretty much identical to the other Wraith OP posts, however the spawn time set to 30 seconds is new. Tell ne, how do you plan on balancing the fact that the monster MUST kill the whole hunter team in less than 30 seconds? (just a good cloak and breakaway will solve that problem real quick.)


Obviously you never played against Akuma.


the only thing i think they need to fix on the drop in timer is that the animation needs to be part of it. the timer can run out but if your still in the animation, you will still lose.


I disagree, I had a round where I chased freaking Hank for 30 seconds (he was dang good at juking me out)

The timer hit 0, and I killed him a second later. I still had to wait for the other hunters to drop before I could kill and win


The respawn is 2 minutes,if that’s an eternity for you than you have ADD…………jk. :stuck_out_tongue:


Read post and saw 30 sec respawn timer and all I have to say is this is best joke I have heard all day love these joke threads. Seriously though no 30 sec respawn would mean almost no monster wins. If you want to trade game in because you want the devs to make it easy for you go ahead no one will care. However if you choose to stay and learn to beat monsters (that are beatable even with this respawn timer) I am sure community will help in anyway they can.