TF2 PC: Come and play with us!



If anyone fancies playing some TF2 I’m about to go play some random servers… IN THE PAST. If you’ve not got me on steam already I’m:


I joined but I suck right now, haven’t played in a while lol


ooh, ok? red or blu? what handle?


Blue, I’m scarecrow


d’aww, my connection just went haywire, ping through the roof!


Give ol’ Lags a minute.

Jeez I so hope it’s payload.

EDIT: I was lied to. @niaccurshi already left.


Lol It’s ok :smile:


Yeah sorry, my connection has gone completely 2001.

I’ll probably do this a little regularly, it’d be good to play with some evolve peeps! Add me @Buckets_Sentry_Gun, I don’t harrass people :stuck_out_tongue:


'I’m training a little first, need some practice lol


You guys still playing?


My gamepad isn’t working right now and playing with touchpad is horrible for me, I hope I can join another game later , but at least I got you on my friend list :smile:


Edit: I lie, I have to help finish cooking!


I was thinking if we could try to organise some TF2/MvM this weekend?
Anyone would be up for that?


Yes, let’s do this. Anyone else in? I’d say ideally around 5pm GMT Sat, or any time on Sunday :wink:


I’m down. As long as you guys will let me play Scout.


I’m generally medic or pyro


I’m usually medic, engie or pyro, but since I got that Australium Ambassador I also play a bit of Spy.
If we play MvM, then I prefer Sniper (not all maps are suited for this) medic or engie.


Don’t forget to shoot an invite! I’m gonna have a lot of time to play this week. ^^


###MvM is trassh


Aww it’s fun D: