Textures not loading in character select (Xbox)


Discovered this a few days ago.I haven’t played in awhile but after i downloaded the patches i noticed that the textures in character select won’t load.Usually it affects three or more hunter, monsters and it seems random.Sometimes three or more assault chars are affected sometimes the monsters are affected from textures not loading at all.
Hope it gets fixed since it was fine back in november.

This is on xbox one btw


I got the same problem with the Medics on PS4.


Yeah medics too.It seems pretty random.I had the issues with all classes at some point even monsters.




You mean like they are really blurry and stuff instead of their refined looks? Happens a bit from time to time on PC too. Though that could also be dependant on (my) rig and such.


I’ve seen that happening since pre 8.0 myself.


No stay blurry, i know that they take a few seconds to load in but now they stay blurry all the time in character select.