Texture loading problems and stuttering (Character select screen loading improperly)


Hey TRS team,

Yesterday i’ve downloaded the new update and it seems the textures are still not loading correctly in character select.I made a thread some time ago about that issue and it is still present.It seems pretty random affecting different classes and monsters too.Hope this gets fixed with the next update.

The second problem.
I’ve noticed some terrible stuttering at times.It seems random but usually happens when i play against Goliath.It seems that the effects of his abilities are causing the game to stutter terribly sometimes.It is not always but it happens and yesterday i had a match where the stuttering was so intense that i had to start a new match.It could also be a combination of certain hunter fighting Goliath.I don’t know for sure but it seems to happen when i fight Goliath.Never had that problem before the recent update.
Hope it gets fixed.

This is on Xbox one


I know I’m not a member of TRS, but Xbox One always seems to have texture issues. It’s been there since the Beta, or right after that. As for the stuttering, I think that’s a new one. I’ve never been up with something like that. It almost seems like a problem Steam would be having.


I never had problems with textures not loading.It appeared after i downloaded the last two updates so it can’t be a “xbox” problem.Also it affects only the character select screen.


I know. I’ve had texture issues for a long time.


I edited the title to be more descriptive

I’ve noticed this on PS4 as well. A little annoying.


I got used to it after a while. After all, it would be worse if it was in-game textures not loading, and luckily just the character selection screen.


True but still not very pretty and especially if it was fine back in November,December.Anyway,hope it gets fixed finally.


Yea. I even made a clip on Xbox One about how Cabot looked with his failing textures. That was hilarious.


A well documented bug, but likely not high on the list to fix. Still it would be good to have it fixed. Also another one I’ve seen on Xbox One is after you select Hunters and Monster and clicked Deploy sometimes the characters models shake.


Ps4 occasionally gets slow texture load in’s aswell mainly on the hunter/monster select screen.

Also the stuttering happens sometimes in battle but very rare,must be a frame rate drop or something.


I can say that we have been working on the texture streaming on character select, as well as over all map performance.

I haven’t seen what it looks like on console (don’t have one at my desk) but I can confirm they both look better on PC.