Texture Glitch with Custom Skins on PS4


I picked up my preorder copy at midnight release. The game is great (as it was in the beta) but upon redeeming my codes, I noticed a weird glitch.

If you choose the Exterminator Weapon Skin for Maggie it also changes Daisy’s markings. The problem is that the texture is missing or not properly referenced, so Daisy appears as the model with no texture. Just a shiny, white-milkshake looking coloration. The picture in preview shows the right skin, it just doesn’t show up on the model. The problem also occurs if you select the alternate skin then change it back to the original skin.

Weapon skins for the other hunters seem to be fine. This looks like it’s just an issue with Daisy’s textures. I think I noticed a similar issue with the Savage Goliath Skin.

Overall, game rocks. Thanks Turtle Rock!


Try posting here.


Ahh, thanks. Sorry, new to these forums.


No worries, just trying to keep it less cluttered as well as help you get a response quicker. There’s also a ton of useful information in that hub.