Text Box disappearing when using a certain symbol

For awhile now I’ve been having issues with a symbol that I (thankfully) rarely use. Although when I do use it to get the attention of a specific Forum Member my text box just vanishes and I’m left typing blind and with no chance to fix typos and whatever thus I feel like an idiot and my inner OCD demon kicks in.

I’m talking about the @ symbol of course.

Right now it’s fine and I can see everything but the moment I use it to “summon” a member this whole “pop up” box vanishes but if I press the correct spot on the screen I can still hit the “Reply” or “Cancel” or “Create Topic” buttons even though I’m blindly clicking the screen.

I’m using a Lenovo Tablet if that means anything.

Here I’ll use it to summon… uh… oh I don’t know… @MidnightRoses and oh wait…

Odd… it didn’t do it this time. Maybe when creating a topic it doesn’t glitch?

Here I’ll test this again by replying to my Thread.

I feel so special and loved.

Okay so lets see here…

@MajorLeeHyper and yep there it is. I can’t see Jack shit so I might look a little uh… I lost my train of thought.


And when it does this I must leave the sight so I can see myself response to other threads about whatever. Oddly its kinda funny to type blindly about stuff.

Anyway I tink I will just post this here and see where I’m at and leave and come back to properly post again. I have another test to do here…

Did someone say love?image

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Okay I’m going to test this out another way with using the @ thing during a the middle of a sentence.

So blah blah @MacMan and well shit…

It did it again. Dam it.I don’t know where I’m at in my post now got distracted by the sudden pop up of a sheep and a cow.

Uh… yeah. So for! Bugs… Yay.

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And I can’t go in and edit the text or else it will vanish again. I mean I CAN fix it but I have to click multiple times and play “Find the invisible words!” game and I’m sure you all can guess that it’s very time consuming and rage inducing.

And my God I look like a twit with those atrocious typing skills.

Well from this side you’re fine.

@discourse I’m not sure but perhaps you can help here? (It was this guy who helps with the forum bugs right?)

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Yup, he’s Discourse staff. So are @discourse and @discourse, tagging them for aid.

Him and @discourse would be the guys to talk to

But OP Are you on a mobile, tablet, desktop?

I dunno… I said “sight” instead of “site” and I said “tink” instead of “think” so who knows… maybe I’m preferred by Herbert cuz I mean I talk like his preferred age group in those posts.

Look in the middle of my OP…

Fourth line…

Missed that.

What browser are you using on it?

Uh… Browser.

Like that’s what it is called.

My brain is too used to correcting typos, I’m no help.

So the default one?

Could you take screenshots too. Could make it easier for the discourse staff to find a solution. :wink:

Um… I’d do that but I don’t have the methods of doing so and then putting it here or at least not easily.

Really just imagine this whole text box just NOT being there.

But the number that shows how many posts are in a thread and which post number you are on is still there and in the correct spot that it would be when you’re typing a response to a thread.

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Fair enough then.

That sounds really annoying, hopefully the discourse staff will find a solution quickly.

Fingers crossed. :smiley:

On a tablet? Android OS?

If Android, make sure you have updated to the latest version of the official Google Chrome browser.

Generally pressing esc or space or tapping on the screen away from the autocomplete name pop-up should dismiss it.