Tesla mines tweaks?


Has there been any talk about adjustments on the final color on tesla mines? To this day there absolutely invisible to me when I play monster. I can not see them, and for the amount of dmage they do that just brutal that I can’t see them. And run into them with my face.

I tried even change the color of my TV to see of I can see them better. Still cant… Also has it been confirmed that the mines are suppose to be hard to see? Or is it just something that just happened.

If it does turnout to be ment to be hard to see then screw it. I’ll just live with it.


dont take me wrong. i agree with things that are visually a problem (i’m unaffected by spore clouds but i wanted them reworked for my friends)

but, if a tesla mine sits there for 15secs without being destroyed…he deserves the reward.

As a monster capitalizes on hunter mistakes, as should the hunters for the monsters.

my only problem is the difference in blue and purple. sometimes thats not noticeable


Is it 15 secs?


its actually 16secs for a full charge


I have to disagree, Just because a mine sat undisturbed for 15 seconds shouldn’t make it invisible. What if the hunters set up at the relay, or it is used to cut off an escape route? The point of the mine is to create an obstacle for the monster, and the monster get s to choose how to deal with it. It is not supposed to be a stealth damage dealer.


melees, firebreath, snowballs, aftershock, lightning strike, flight, jumps, warps, decoy, warp blast, fissure, rockwall, lavabomb, acid spit, web snare, web-sling.


Most of the time when I get hit by a full charged tesla mine, its usually my fault for not checking my surroundings properly. I think they’re fine as is.


Not sure if it’s a glitch but fissure actually don’t destroy Tesla mines


There are a lot of people who cannot see the glowing sphere around the mine when it is gold. That is a problem, just like if hunters couldn’t see a banshee mine, or other monster ability. It doesn’t effect everyone, but just because some people don’t have a problem does not mean it is not an issue that should be fixed.

In the meantime, I have found that the colorblind modes can help with this, but can also cause other issues.


Noooooo hahah you don’t want to melee Tesla mines.[quote=“TAYLOE, post:5, topic:81572”]
It is not supposed to be a stealth damage dealer.
^^i agree^^
I understand that it takes time for them to get to gold. But it shouldn’t be rewarded with near invisibility. Like what if gorgons spider traps turned nearly invisible if you let them sit a little or same with banshe mines.

That wouldn’t be fun, so same goes for Tesla mines IMO. Now if trs say that it was intentional to make them hard to see I will be fine with it and just have to deal with it.

If it was intentional, then I will love for a color adjustment

And that’s the problem with it for me at least even when I know he has mines out and I’m checking the area for them I will still run into them because there just invisible. And not to mention hunters are attacking you so you trying to dodge them while also trying to avoid invisible mines.

Edit:[quote=“Kepil, post:8, topic:81572”]
Not sure if it’s a glitch but fissure actually don’t destroy Tesla mines

Yes this is why I making thread right now I was playing as behemoth and was just running into Tesla mines all day even though I was fissuring the general area. Only to roll forward and boom chunk of armor blown away. And it was just hard to see the mines with the rock wall a bright colored fissures and lava bombs. Those mines was wrecking me. I couldn’t see them


yea, but you can put a spider trap in a bush more easily than a mine in a bush…


True but spider traps make a loud sound when there activated so its not hard to really just jump dodge up and see where there coming from.

Now if they didn’t make the sound and turned a real hard color to see if they sat for a certain amount of time. That wouldn’t be fun. That’s how I feel with Tesla mines.


yea i think they do need someway to be better seen, however they should still be difficult to notice in my opinion because they are very visible during the lower stages and are easily destroyed generally


What about a reversal? Have the lower power mines be harder to see, and the higher power mines easier to see?


then people would be complaining about them being spammed and hard to see.


I don’t think so. Sure they might be harder to see, but the damage that would be dealt would be so low that it wouldn’t have much impact.


a stage 1 mine is 350damage. 3 of those is 1050.

yea, it’ll be less effective that a full mine, but at that point, those “lower damage mines” will be invisible compared to a normal arc mine

less damage traded off with less visibility


That seems fine to me.