Terrifying Monster Ideas Thread

That “letters from digested children” photo genuinely scares me a bit. That’s so messed up, like you can see the poor little kid getting digested. Reminds me a bit of the extended version of Ridley Scott’s Alien where he’s like melting into a facehugger egg, so creepy

A monster that look like cloverfield and be able to lay parasites in dead wildlife to aid you would be cool


From a different thread.

Here’s a little bottom dweller that would fit Shear’s exotic wildlife.
The Cone Snail or how I like to call it the Harpoon snail.
It would wait for hunters in the bottom of a pond with its shell camouflaging as just another stone,As hunters come close to the pond the spear like appendage starts to come out of the water in a snake like striking pose with only a small dripping sounds as a warning to the hunters that a [cant think of a name] is dangerously nearby,As soon as the elapsed time passes the spear one-hit kills the hunter and quickly drags the body into the pond to eat.
How to counter:The [still can’t think of a name] has a pocket located on the spear appendage that if shot will remove the spear from the appendage rendering the [God dammit!!!] useless for the time it can regrow a new spear.
P.S The [“Bangs head against wall”] also inflicts damage over time if the monster is hit (poison) as well as tethering the monster like a harpoon gun would.

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When I first saw this, I thought that the fish was part of the head.

For the love of god, please tell me there isn’t going to be a tarantula-like monster O.o arachnphobic right here :frowning:


Don’t worry, it’s inevitable. >:)


Yeah I hate spiders too. . .

I hope one is in the game!


From a GameInformer podcast, those fish are actually going to be in Far Cry 4, inhabiting Kyrat’s rivers. In real life its also nicknamed the ‘Demon Fish’

Name: Sawtooth
Creature style: Gryphon-esque, very dark and gloomy style for a more frightening battle. Glowing yellow eyes, combined with a dark purplish body like a demonic raven (i can’t upload a picture because i’m a nub)

Abilities (flying)

  1. Screech- a highly accurate directed screech, kind of like a beam, with an accuracy of dr octogonapus
  2. Divebomb- while flying, comes down like a comet on a position of choice
  3. Dash - self explanatory for ground based fighting, a lunge in a certain direction, jabbing with it’s beak (cons would be that its range is not too far)
  4. Feather Duster (because i didnt have a better name) - a spin of the wings dealing AoE damage around the griffin dealing knockback as well for a chance of escape


Boom, Sarcastic Fringehead. Harmless, but damn it’s got some wicked teeth.

Then we move on to the Goblin Shark, and it’s projectile mouth.

So how about some prehistoric sharks? With Nasty Jaws, like these two.

Then there is the Placoderm known as Dunkleosteus

Also, I think something feathered deserves in. Here’s some nice inspiration.

Tyrannosauroids are a nice place to start.

Which I can follow up with: Raptors

As well as some deadly birdies


Another inspiration from nature :laughing:
–> Atretochoana eiselti

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Three words… Naked. Mole rats.