Terrifying Monster Ideas Thread


We all have ideas for the most ruthless, badass monsters in all of Shear. But how about terrifying, or dreadful? Here are a few ideas based off of real-life creatures.
Be warned: Viewer discretion advised

Up first we have the Vampire Squid. Vampire Squid…

And if it’s threatened, it can turn itself inside-out!

Then we have…this thing (Big fin squid)

And my personal favorite, the Bobbit Worm. Not the Hobbit Worm, nor the Bop-it Worm, but the Bobbit Worm! From the nightmares of Morgan Freeman and the bottom of the liquids, this fellow is only as small as 10 feet short! And best of all, it has no predators! Don’t worry, they’re on the ocean (oh-she-an) floor.

They love hide and seek! Somehow, they always prefer to hide; It’s up to you to find them.

Bobby here is just playing around with his friend, leave them be!

Bobby also loves to give hugs.

Bobby is extremely photogenic, just look at the colors!

Ain’t he a beautiful little spud? Share more of your ideas below!


Woaaaah that’s disgusting


Just updated it :smile:


just wonderful what’s more terrifying than my life. now, that i shall fear the ocean and see it in my nightmares.
have fun devs.
o_O nice squishie…


Thanks! :smile: Though to be honest, the Big Fin Squid is more mysterious than scary, if at all. But I can definitely see how the Bop-it worm scared some developers a bit back.


Nature comes up with more terrifying shit than we can imagine.


Man, I’m starting to think there will be a more human-like monster in store for us all. It sounds crazy but I think what would actually be frightening for a Monster would be for it to have human like characteristics like maybe a Medusa type creature or perhaps something like The Thing! :alien:


If your teammate ended up being the monster all along, that’d be pretty scary. Just imagine following tracks to a dead end, then your medic class just explodes into this crazy ass thing that’s trying to kill you


Have you guys took any inspiration from animals similar to these?


We’ve taken inspiration from a lot of different places, but we looked at a lot of deep sea creatures in particular. Viper Fish for example.


I definitely know now that there will be a rich diversion of monster types! :smile:
Also try considering the Water Bear. (Also known as the Tardigrade)


Coconut Crab. Also known as the Robber Crab

It can open your windows…and more…


Those things are really scary, I reckon there’ll be something sort of similar to this in the form of an insect monster


look at the bio genetic use of this creature. a little gene therapy, and i dear say it, we could make humans more greedy.
that’s not greed? that’s ingenuity you say? let the experiments begin! XD
//memo from guards//
would you scientists dampen the intelligence of your creations!!! there so smart its hard to keep any of your experiments in a cell for long, maybe where going to have to higher mercenaries before the residents notice there kittens are missing.


Ok so we want a scary monster, now I’ve made a scary monster

Name: don’t have one yet
Height: Lvl 1- 5ft Lvl 2- 8ft Lvl 3- 14ft
Appearance: pale white skin, three pure black circular eyes, a mouth less face that will rip open into a dark toothless void, strong built runner legs, long versatile arms, almost tentacle like fingers that can meld into a single spike on each arm
Momentum: after continually moving for 20 seconds this creature can one hit down a hunter lvl1 20 seconds lvl2 15 seconds lvl3 10 seconds

Blink: can perform an incredulously speedy dash forwards and perform a small outward sweep lvl1 teleports 5 feet minor knock back lvl2 teleports 10 feet performs larger sweep and knocks hunters into the air lvl3 teleports 15 feet performs two handed sweep that will knock hunters back and temporarily daze them

Scream: let’s loose an ungodly scream that stuns anything nearby lvl1 3 seconds lvl2 4 seconds lvl3 6 seconds

Can’t think of any more abilities, please comment if you think you have one

I will post concept art soon


i got to thinking magic the gathering would be a grate place for creature concepts so here are 3


and one extra non mtg monster because its that awesome


this would be a cool design for a monster in game


Here’s a nasty one the Goliath tiger fish


Looking back at your post after seeing the Kraken at E3, I say that yes, yes you have, and it’s awesome! :smiley:


Wow, it’s amazing that they were feeding us hints and we never even looked twice lol