Terrible framerate on ps4

this happens on a lot of my games, very few have stable framrates. please do something. btw, this is solo gameplay and a digital copy

no replies at all? cmon people. would love to know if the devs know about this

Wow, that looks ridiculous.
There are a lot of frame rate drops since the last patch, but i never experienced anything to that extend like in your video.
Are you having that issue in ever match or just occasionally?
It doesnt look like a network issue to me cause you game seems to literally freeze there.

the first few games are flawless usually. the more I play the worse it gets. if I play for 3 or so hours it gets like the vid. if I keep putting my ps4 in sleep mode and play the game it has framerate issues. if I close out the game and play from there, it takes a few hours to look like the vid

I find it’s more apparent when you go custom game or solo custom with bots,in the proper MP games it rarely drops frames but that’s in my experience could be different for you though

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Tagging. @FernArt who tests on PS4 & @ArPharazon if he has any ideas about this on a PS4. I have to wonder if there was a corrupted install or something. Consoles share the same hardware specs, so it’s unlikely they very in performance like PCs do. My guess would relate to the physical condition of the PS4, though ArPharazon may have a different opinion to offer.

I think if his PS4 was in bad condition (e.g., failing or badly fragmented HDD), then it would be bad all the time. Maybe this is a legit bug that gets progressively worse over time. Do our testers play multi-hour constant gaming sessions, or do they reset their test kits a lot, I wonder?

Does this only happen in Custom games, or in regular Hunt/Skirmish?

Assuming this is a real bug, then until we have a fix – as a workaround, I suggest periodically going to dashboard and stopping/restarting the game program, so you see the intro “footprint” video again.

for the past month or so I have been playing custom. I play for an hour or 2 then put my ps4 in rest mode. I come back to the game from rest mode and play a few more hours. after a few times the game acts like the vid. actually closing and restarting the game does fix it, but the game should never get that bad. @ArPharazon @MrStrategio

My other idea was, what if the HDD in the PS4 performs worse as it gets hot? But if it really accumulates the same way with shorter play sessions, then it again sounds like a bug and not a hardware malfunction.

@ArPharazon I do play batman and mortal kombat the same way, neither of them have this problem

I’ve re-read all the posts in this thread, and it seems you are playing exclusively Custom games. I bet you’re playing on the same map over and over without changing maps, right?

If so, I think that not only is this a bug, but that it’s already assigned to me. The bug was reported to be specific to Defend mode, but I bet it isn’t.

If this is indeed the same issue, then I can suggest an alternate workaround: change maps from time to time. Please let me know if this helps.

I do in fact play the same map for a few hours before I switch. gets me more familiar with it. I mostly play arena, gaining mastery levels. will let you know if switching often fixes it @ArPharazon

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Hi… are you still there? I believe I have finally found the root cause for this bug. A fix will be on the next title update. I think you should see an improvement!

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Weird! I think Evolve is the best running game on PS4, I used to have frame rates drops when the game was launched especially when Wraith uses supernova, but now it’s really smooth. I have the digital copy too, maybe something is wrong with your PS.

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His usage pattern brings out the bug. He plays Custom games on the same map, over and over without unloading. This bug wouldn’t happen if you play a different map each match.

Actually we’ve fixed a lot of hitches too, where we forgot to pre-load assets under the loading screen, and they would load upon first use. But those hitches would happen every time you play a given character, once per map.

The bug the OP reported is a progressive thing that is nonexistent on the first round, and gets inexorably worse the more you play (specifically, the more characters you play), until it’s completely out of control. See his videos if you are interested.

One thing i’ve noticed on PS4 “custom games” it drops frames like nobodies business.

I’ve noticed if you turn off dedicated server in custom it seems to fix the stutter drops in frames,don’t know if that’s a coincidence but it worked.

Online play is good for the most part.

That’s weird… Must be a networking problem though, if shutting off that option makes a difference.

Could be,only tried turning dedicated servers off the once so it wasn’t tested as such.

Might of been a combination of Lag and Frame drops,i don’t know why custom games seem less smooth.

If you play custom solo it seems ok but when you play it with a group of friends that’s were the stutters kick in but i play exclusively online generally so it’s not a problem