Terrain that favors the hunters. Buildings/bunkers


I think there should be terrain and map-placed objects that benefit the hunters.

When a monster is actively seeking/following the hunters there should be terrain that out right favors the hunters, things that shield them from attack until they’re destroyed.




Hmm, interesting idea but I think it would be more cumbersome than fun.

The Hunters have various means of falling back and if one hunter goes into a building a monster would probably move to the next target. If they were all in the same building, then that would open them up to some big time hurt once the walls came down.

But that’s just me. :wink:


There’s a symmetry missing in the hunting portion of the game.

The monster when it chooses to hunt the hunters isn’t impeded by the environment and thats a flaw that should be countered a bit.


Ever tried to chase hunters around fusion plant?
Such rage


There are several areas that impede the monsters. I have felt a lot of frustration chasing the last hunter around. And a lot of glee forcing a monster to waste time chasing me while waiting for the drop ship.


Honestly, the only thing here is that Widlife should really be doing something against the Monster as well. It’s just… The only thing that really hurts Monsters right now are Trapjaw Packs, and you don’t get a dome with them in unless the Monster screwed up real bad.


Uhhh…Mammoth Birds? :grimacing:


Like the Trex vs bathroom scene is jurrassic park.


Mammoth birds? You kidding me?

Mammoth birds are more eager to down a Hunter than cause any serious harm to the Monster.


Ehh…I have shamefully handed a few wins to hunters via Mammoth Birds.

I love and hate them.


Its just another way to vary map balance in a way that allows you to do other things.

IF you have a bunker you can have other elements that favor the monster in the same map in a more biased way, or if there are older maps with strong biases that you want to tune, they’d allow you a way to do that without making people re learn the new subtle differences.


Yeah, we already got that in maps like Orbital Drill or Fusion Plant. Bloody hate fighting in those maps against a good team, most of which will just sit back and outcamp you when you hit stage 2 so they won’t suffer any strikes until stage 3. Makes me cringe every time I see those maps and hope I’m not against a tryhard team. Funnyly enough though that most of the time I lose is against premades I absolutely had to play against on Orbital Drill. The matchmaker is just being a dick sometimes.