Terepin's useless videos


It’s always refreshing to see new faces to realize the full potential of Emet.

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Wait, I’m not dying in any of these?

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You sure about that? :wink:


I see the skin did not load for you guys either. I recorded the match myself when I saw it didn’t load in even from my character selection screen, and gave a strange effect overall to the skin.

I don’t know why you bother to post my matches when I’m obviously so trash. I did not pick to go on monster; most of the time hunters would rather fight a bot than me. As long as you enjoy it…I guess.


Aww, don’t be like that. I enjoy playing against you. Just as much as with you.

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@Avatar_Khaine Even though we lost, it was still fun.

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And special match with one and only @SledgePainter:

A proper teacher can turn you into a fucking healing monster.

#YEAH BITCH, I AM DEATH! @SledgePainter


Jumpin Jack:

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