Ten Things I Ha- LOVE about you! ^.^


A topic devoted to all the specific things you like about Evolve. Because despite its flaws and faults, it’s amazing. :slight_smile: This is separate from all the “We love you TRS!” threads because I want to see what exactly people love about the game, or the forums, or the devs. And more positivity is always fun. :wink:

So, just write a list of things you love. Example:

  1. The quality of the characters. Yes, balance can be an issue, but the characters themselves are amazing. Design, voice acting, kits, playstyles, synergy. They’re all amazingly unique.
  2. Some of the new changes. For example, making Slim’s Leech Repeater (shaddap, it sounds cool >.> ) dynamic like Abe’s shotgun was an excellent change. The new jetpacks are amazingly responsive, feel much cleaner.
  3. The teamwork. Binding together with a few random pubs to slay an incredible foe is amazing. I’ve mad so many friends like this, it’s a great experience…Could go on and on. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, your turn! What exactly makes you love Evolve?

Please note that negative comments will NOT be tolerated here. Kindly stay on topic.


  • The dialogue
  • The forum
  • Val
  • Gobi Sees All
  • The ability of leaders to count to 10 :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Slim
  • The atmosphere
  • Bucket’s top hat
  • Torvalds playstyle
  • Free skins

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The title was a play on “Ten things I hate about you” a parody of “The taming of the Shrew” which I adored.

…I thought it was funny.

As far as counting goes, there are three types of people in the world, mate. Those who can count and those who can’t.




Nice try, but daisy isn’t chubbers



You lie.

Also, “Torvold” is driving me insane. :stuck_out_tongue:



I keep on doing that, I hate his name, but love his playstyle



I just like blowing things up. :stuck_out_tongue:



I voted the forum because it’s where I found my peoples to play with. <3

…which is honestly the only reason I still play to this day.

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  1. How TRS managed to make not only Monster fun, but hunters fun as well (Bravo!)
  2. How gorgeous the maps are (Especially with Clear Skies on, they look fantastic in that lighting!)
  3. How after just about every close game I find myself leaning back after that big red banner shows up, remembering that I need to do that breathing thing we all gotta do
  4. Having an awesome community
  5. Events! :smiley:

Just to name a few :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh! And arguably the best one!

  1. Giving me the joy of utterly DESTROYING every Mammoth Bird that dare cross me O.o
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11/10 IGN.






It was bloody hilarious. :joy:

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