Ten minute talk


If you could bring anyone back from the dead and talk with them for only 10 minutes who would it be?

My picks
Hitler(motivational speaker influenced many)

Stanly Kubrick( 2001 a space odysseys real meaning)

JFK( just because)

Michelangelo ( 10 minutes can make me a statue)

Go nuts!!!


Jparty so i can ask where he went. RIP Jparty.


Totally forgot layne staley


My bestfriend, I want him to see who I am now :blush:



The implications of this thread gives me the sads. I guess I’d bring back my dog because sometimes not talking is the best thing in the world.


I’d bring back the times when Evolve had 10,000+ players.

I could convince them that the game is good, and the community is amazing.

If that isn’t allowed, then I’d bring back my hopes and dreams and ignorance of the shit in the real world.


Well this was not as I expected haven’t posted anything in awhile this is what I get.


Well if I guess I actually have a fairly long list of people i’d like to talk to.

Howard Zinn
Peter Kropotkin
Mikhail Bakunin
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
my grandfather
Emma Goldman
Christopher Lee
to name a few when i’m all sleep deprived. I can’t think of anyone else right now.


Thank you for trying I was kinda hoping people would take a famous person or a historic someone instead of someone family because then it gets sad and gloomy and then weird


So many people I would want to talk to…

Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Oscar Wilde, Alexander the Great, John Keats, Alexander Pope, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Mark Twain, Miguel De Cervantes…

I’ll probably update it in some hours, it’s past midnight over here. >.<


Perhaps a tad controversial but I’m sure a chat with the OG J.C would prove interesting…


Yo what???


I think cause he’s no longer with 2k/evolve(?)

I don’t really have anyone I want to talk to who’s dead? So, I guess Bill Irvine since he was such a high standard dancer for so long, and I’d want to try and found out what made him tick.


I don’t want to get all depressing so I’ll make it quick: I’d want to rez my Grandpa (My mom’s dad) and let her talk to him.


He was also the commander of a Nazi army that demolished France, most of West Russia, and a majority of Europe, and Put anyone who was of Jewish origin in death factories.

So, yeah, I would rather not.


Haha no shit it was more of a joke and it’s only ten minutes he wouldn’t have enough time to rebuild his nation


you would be surprised, Napoleon replenished all his soldiers immediantly after returning from a success in Russia.


My son. You can never get enough I love you’s in.


I would bring back a baby brontosaurus and give it ice cream.