Temporary disable Kraken until he's fixed?


There’s no fun playing vs cheaters, if you can’t fix it, lock him away.


I jest, I jest, locking away Kraken wouldn’t be optimal since then people would just not play and then MM would become even more of a hellhole >_>
You can’t put away the Kraken once its been released ^.-


They could also revert the Kraken buff that was supposed to just stop CC from affecting the move speed while flying as Kraken but ended up breaking its ability to drag him down, because he was still one of the most powerful and popular monsters before that.

Perhaps they accidently overwrote the backup file… :open_mouth:


i leave the game now when i see kraken… dont wanna spend my time on that broken monster anymore.


Seeing as the leaderboards are a mess there is nothing wrong with just leaving the match and finding a new one. Me and my group do it whenever we see a Kraken now. If an Elite level 40 wants to be an asshole then he can be an asshole by himself.


Kraken isn’t invincible why not just try and kill it?


Locking away a character is taking away part of what you paid for that’s nuts!!


Actually… Macman was recently posted that were were rather excited about some of the broken changes… And that AS is getting much more attention now, as to before where it barely landed…

I know there will be some big changes coming in the patches soon… But I think kraken maneuverability might be here to stay.


One could argue that allowing a truly broken monster in matchmaking is…nuttier.

I’ve taken a good deal of Krakens on recently, and even with a good premade they are extremely tough to handle when they exploit all the glitches (no CC, infinite air strafe, cliff super-jumping, etc.).

I’m not even a good Kraken and I feel bad for the other team when I join a game mid-match to place me in his squiddy shoes.


[quote=“EE_Matadurr, post:9, topic:56704”]
I’m not even a good Kraken and I feel bad for the other team when I join a game mid-match to place me in his squiddy shoes.
[/quote] Wow if I had a dollar for everytime I heard something like this. I’ve never seen any Kraken do this and I played this game a lot


Sorry for being so oblivious to the problem, but where were the Kraken OP threads before patch 2.0?

I’m just trying to understand why everyone thinks Kraken is ridiculously OP suddenly. For me he’s always been a strong choice but not particularly unbalanced (which is more than could be said for Wraith). What gives?


You’re last sentence was awesome. I salute you!


Count yourself lucky (seriously). You really don’t want to play the Krakens I’ve had to deal with, especially the glitchers in ESL.

Also, just because you haven’t seen it in your time doesn’t mean there isn’t an abundance of these players out there. I’ve got over 450 hours in the game, and it’s only been the last 50 where it’s becoming common.


And how do you know that the other Monsters can’t do these glitches as well? These sound like map glitches just like how you could run into a rock and leap really far.


Oh they all do (except Wraith). Goliath can sometimes Air Jordan when he jumps as he clambers onto a ledge, but it usually just sends him straight up or at a very slight angle. The Behemoth sometimes rolls out into thin air when rolling off of a cliff, going as much as 50 meters without dropping. Both instances are very funny to see and experience. The difference with these is that they are very random in nature, and do not aid the monster in escaping much. With the Kraken when he lands the traversal skip, he catapults 150 meters in a couple seconds both high and far, and THEN can still glide to wherever he wants.


Thats still no reason to ban a Monster though they will patch I’m sure


I haven’t been playing lately, did he suddenly get better all of a sudden? Or are we talking about the same Kraken that we have had since launch? Because I have mostly nerfs, not buffs.


No, some players have just been figuring out a way to exploit an edge clipping issue where Kraken can cross nearly a whole map in a few seconds. Combined with the fact that stasis no longer brings him down from the sky or slows his flight, and he’s the most mobile monster out there. Tranqs from Val are the only way to bring him down currently.