Telltale Games Sued by Former Employee for Violating Labor Laws


They really messed up


They can’t pay for your job anymore so instead sue them please and then let’s have no final ending to the series that a thousand gamers wanted…


In light of what happened that seems like the least of their concerns.


Let’s have hundreds of people who have lost their jobs because of terrible handing not get justice because that’s definitely what everyone wants…


There’s actually rules against firing people on mass without warning. iirc TTG fired everyone except a few people with no warning and told them they had 30 minutes to get off the property. Not to mention no severance pay and the health insurance would only last like a week.


Given the way Telltale handled the layoffs outright broke the law I think even fans of TWD want justice for those that lost their jobs.


Pops into Turtle Rock Forums for a brief moment.

Sees spicy title in a thread.

Realizes that its more than just one person who got royally screwed.

Grabs popcorn and awaits the royal screwing that a game company just gave itself.


Now this is news to me