Telltale Games reportedly almost shut down with hundreds of jobs lost


“The Verge report hat a skeleton crew of around 25 will remain at the studio, down from around 250.”


And that 25 people is to finish Minecraft: Story Mode correct?



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No one deserves to be fired. Not liking something is one thing, that comment is cruel.


Never liked their “all story no gameplay”… uhm… “”""“games”"""", but it is a shame that so many people lost their jobs.


My eyes are on this thread. Y’all can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. Thanks.



While I personally wasn’t a fan of they’re games I did hear they were good story tellers. It’s sad to see fellow writers become jobless but I heard a bunch of studios are offering them all jobs.


They needed to upgrade the engine


Multiple things lead to this.
Sub-par games for a good while, lack of sales, paying for the rights to so many IPs, expanding to so many employees so quickly, it’s a downright shame.
Hopefully they can find some work at other game studios, I know companies like Ubisoft, Respawn, and others have already extended the offer to an interview.


A real shame about this, I enjoyed their stories and I loved their art direction throughout the multiple titles. It’s always sad when people doing good work in their field have to shut their doors.


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I removed a few posts to clean up the thread. Friendly reminder that there is a distinct difference between discussing the reasons the studio shut down versus being a jerk and getting political about it. While you don’t have to sympathize with the people who lost their jobs, we ask that you at least respect them.


Experienced game developers will never get lost, especially after years of working for well renowned studio like Telltale.

As I said, this isn’t a tragedy, but a good thing. This devs can now work for studios that know what they are doing. And I’m happy for them.


It’s never a good thing when people move their families for a job and lose it a week after starting. If you disagree with telltale, fine. But at least empathize with the employees who now have to figure out how to take care of themselves and their families.

I am sure many will find jobs relatively quickly, but not all and most won’t survive with serious financial burden.


Let us hope somehow TRS picks a few of them up…I enjoyed the character development in their stories.


I never said I’m happy they lost their job. I’m happy because the studio ended and people working in there will now have the chance to work in far better studios. Which is to say not Valve.

Game developers have good salaries. And people working as game developers are intelligent and it’s a high probability they have a financial back-up plan for situations like these. Besides, this 21th century. People can work from within their homes. Several game devs in Central Europe function like this and these countries are rather poor compared to USA.

All of you are trying to paint this like horrifying tragedy. It’s not. While sad on its own, the end of Telltale is good thing in the long run for both gaming industry (management idiots cut from the money) and for former employees (working for better employers).

Peace out.


There is even more underhanded business practice having been done if you look harder in. When the studio got bigger with their huge franchise titles they super-hired more people than they should have, but then worked them like dogs, if articles from the net are to be believed…not paid overtime wages for 14-18 hour days. If this can be proved the let-go devs could have a class action against the studio.

I am still holding out hope we get a story closure for Clementine…


And this is exactly what I was talking about: what happened is a GOOD thing.

The last season of TWD will be finished.