Tell your funniest n00b moment from today here!


Here’s mine

::Last generator on Defend against a pretty good Kraken::
Me: “Ok hang in there guys we can do this”
N00b: “Yeah we will definitely win, wanna know why?”
Me: “Do tell”
N00b: “Becuase ive been saving my MOBILE ARENA!” deploys mobile arena right on top of generator
Me: “And that helps becuase…?”
N00b: “DUH- now the monsters can’t get in here for a few minutes”
Me: facepalm


First game of the day.

First few minutes.

Right out the gate, I’m tracking the monster, making good pace, feeling all super-boss.

… then I run straight into a MegaMouth. And die, because my team is somewhat spread out.

(Did I play the Big Alpha? Yes! Did I play the Beta? Yes! Is that still a total noob trick? Totally!)


I ran into a carnivorous plant…


I did that too, and felt really really dumb.


I saw a Megamouth and thought, no worries, I’ll just jetpack over it… Then I ran out of fuel…


two of us dead, assualt about to die I tell supp to run as they cant win the fight there was 1 egg left all he had to do was wait for drop. Stays and fights. dies goes invis. assualt dies. Daisy revives supp and I tell him again to run. Runs back into the fight and we loose.


Played wraith for the first time. Thought super nova was overrated. Lol, never been so wrong.


The classic lol. Definitely played duty lmao.


To be fair, he’s only HALF wrong. Dropping the arena in Defend to keep the ALPHA monster out while you clear out minions is a fine strategy…just make sure as soon as they are dead you drop arena and start working on the Alpha


he was all like “ITS OK GUYS I CAN TAKE THE MONSTER” sigh



No dude… it’s not “all good”


This strategy can work if the trapper is savy enough to have it so the dome ends just short of the relay with the monster inside. Obviously you’re all still trapped in there and will need to drop it but atleast you have 1 avenue of defeat locked off lol


^ Support survived my ravenous onslaught of his team because he cloaked.
Team thought they could kill me at stage 2 when they all have marks.
Team has never been so wrong.

Also, i could have sworn you could sniff and reveal cloaked hunters, but i was facing a cabot that popped it and i sniffed i couldn’t see shit, and i knew he was close because i saw his jetpack trail.


Until the alpha monster walks into the dome to defend its minions. :smile:


Hmm - maybe I’m wrong, I didn’t think the monster could walk in OR out. (Obviously he can’t get out).


Noob wraith… No super nova during entire match just normal melee and warp blast… oh and aduction at people standing 1 foot infront of him xD


I don’t remember anything specific… I just know I walked into a LOT of birds my first time playing as monster =P

Also, I had no concept of ‘retreating’ as the monster, so I always ended up losing tons of health =P


I got dumped as the monster last night, despite being in a party and having it as my last choice. Let’s put it this way, there’s a reason I didn’t play as the monster once in any of the tests…


Nothing goes out, Anything can go in.


forgot how to climb with the monster until level 5…i was jumping like an idiot against walls

@VonHenry is that a MasterCat?