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The Topic is easy ! Tell us Which hunters or monsters you play mostly and what kind of perks and skills you use ! , what kind of team setup do you prefer against special monsters and what kind of hunter you would use in a group !?


This thread… I like this thread.

I play on XBone, so my opinion on this is somewhat outdated, but my favorite character in each class is as follows…

Medic: Emet :emet:
Support: Tech Sgt. Hank :hank_techsgt:
Monster: Gorgon :gorgon:
Trapper: Jack :jack_mask:
Assault: Blitz Markov :markov_bl:


Its not about being outdated :slight_smile: its more of a helping thread for new people or people who are coming back to the game and dont know what to play :slight_smile:



Medic: EMET
Because his Healing Bouys do great healing especially with the fast Healing Burst Recharge

Support: Hank Allen
Full Support on protection, the Shield Burst and Shield Projector are great protection and then if the Monster if focused on you the Orbital Barrage is best to use

Trapper: Wasteland Maggie
Tracking and Damaging Daist is the best! The Flame Snare is highly irritating for the Monster

Assault: Ida Lennox
The Auto Cannon is best against Wraith or Kraken while the Plasma Lance counters Goliath and Behemoth. The Thunder Strike can land on any enemy which is the best

Monster: Behemoth
Behemoth can roll at least half the map in only a few seconds and the new gravity is cool. The LB can still block an area, the Fissure is still my favorite ability, the RW can block damage while you are eating or moving away and the TG well I don’t use it much :stuck_out_tongue:

#Skill Points: Behemoth

Stage 1:

LB: 1
RW: 1
Fissure: 1
TG: 1

Stage 2:

LB: 2
RW: 2
Fissure: 2
TG: 1

Stage 3:

LB: 3
RW: 2
Fissure: 3
TG: 1



Minor: Savage Nature

Major: MS Boost

Superior: Damage DoT

Minor: Rocketman

Major: Lithium Battery

Superior: Direct DoT

#Team Setup:

Rogue Val
Wasteland Maggie


Assault: Hyde.
(hes my spirit guide)
Trapper: Jack
Medic: Lazarus is my fan pick for his backstory but for actual use i always run Slim.
Monster:Goliath. Nothing better then the OG.


Assault: I usually play Lennox. After playing over 100 games with her I have a build that I really like. I also use these perks with Abe.

  • Bronze: Usually enhanced celerity, but if I think it might be a kraken I use bionic legs.
  • Silver: Nanotech celerity. I’ve been thinking about rocket lord but I don’t want to buy all three tiers.
  • Gold: Rocket King, every time.

This lets me stick to the monster really well while avoiding the really nasty attacks. My friend is pretty good with the gorgon and with this build I can actually keep up with him really well. I’ve been told that Lennox sucks vs the gorgon but I have pretty good success due to practice. :relieved:

I play extremely boldly and try to get the monster’s attention away from the medic/support. I also try to catch thrown rocks with my face, so I’ve been thinking about using some damage reduction but I’m not sure I’m willing to sacrifice speed.

My friends usually play Crow, Sunny, and Caira, so we spot the monster early and easily keep pace with it. Crow plays monster a lot so he and I are very good at predicting their jukes. He slows them down while Sunny boosts me forward to dome, then Caira gets everyone caught up. It is very fun. For us, not for them. :sweat_smile:


Medic: Slim :slim: MS/ClassCDR/ClassCDR
Support: Sunny :sunny_face: MS/Reload/Capacity
Monster: Kraken :kraken_stare: Hunger/DR/CDR
Trapper: Abe :abe: MS/Rocket/Rocket
Assault: Torvald :torvald: QuickSwitch/Capacity/Capacity