Tell us about or show off your most epic matches!


So, as many of us have seen, Evolve can easily be one of the most intense video games out there. You get a good team against a good monster, and you are in for one hell of a treat! So, post your favorite games you played or just tell us about your matches if you didn’t record it.

So, I’ll tell you about the last match that I had last night while on my friend’s XBone. Sadly I couldn’t record the match but it was hands down the closest and most intense match. So to give you a little background, I was playing my first match as Lazarus and was playing with randoms, though most of them communicated pretty well. We went into the match with one guy talking about how he’d kick our asses if he was monster and sure enough, he was. So I pick Laz, had never touched him before, and eagerly started the match. We drop into the Fusion Plant’s forest and I get the glitch where I can use my jetpack/weapons immediately after leaving the drop ship. I burst north and land on a small cliff overlooking our LZ. Just after our boots hit the ground, birds get startled nearby and we learn the monster is trying to head around behind the fusion plant. My team (consisting of Bucket, Maggie, & Markov) starts heading for the back of the plant while I stay on the 3rd floor over on the side next to the tyrant pit and head to cut him off on the other side of the plant. As I get over there, the monster startles some birds on the path leading down into the pit. I jump down after him and notice tracks going through the cave. I pop out and see him feasting on some poor wildlife at the entrance to that short corridor leading to the swamp. I open fire to interrupt his lunch and he takes off down the corridor. I start to chase after him and notice my team is still about 100 meters behind me, so I go to cut off the monster. As I’m going around with the assault, the trapper and support go down the corridor after him. They end up doming him just as I enter the corridor from the swamp entrance. Sadly the team was too spread out to coordinate a good attack and the trapper and support quickly went down shortly after I arrive. I rez my teammates and we take off after him into the swamp. In this time, the monster evolves to stage 2 out in the swamp. As we are passing, I note an elite tyrant in the pool out here. We follow hot on his trail as he leads us out the other side of the swamp. After taking the canyon exit out of the swamp with tracerless shells railing into him, he cuts right heading along the edge of the tyrant pit in the middle before going back into the swamp. I catch up with him just in time to keep him from getting a health regen perk off of the tyrant he had just finished which we had passed earlier. So he runs back through the swamp again, pissed that I wouldn’t let him get that perk back (he was down about 1.5 bars from our dome fight earlier) and exits through the canyon again and heads towards the fusion plant. I jump towards one of the pillars near the center tyrant pit and spot him feeding near the crowbill sloth and the pipes with the walkways on them near the back of the plant. I open fire and he flees behind the fusion plant. I go to the front of the plant and go up to the third floor and spot him just inside of the other 3rd floor door trying to Evolve. I interrupt him (I didn’t realize he was trying to evolve until just after opening fire) and he throws a rock towards me which misses and he backs out the door behind him, drops down, and heads down the canal towards the tyrant pit. I hear him slosh through the canal (I’m still on the tyrant pit side up where the stage 2 fight in the interactive trailer took place) and jump down back by our original LZ and hear footsteps. I correctly guess he’s in the tunnel and spot him climbing out of the exit. He climbs further up the cliff, approaches a wall, and evolves. I spot him just as he enters his cocoon and wail into him with my snipe, doing some pretty respectable damage, but the team is just catching up when he finishes and leaves. Knowing that chasing him now might not be a good idea, we head back to the fusion plant and await his arrival. Just after I finish topping off my teammates and get onto the 3rd floor, he arrives. The fight after this was a adrenaline fueled blur and the details have almost completely faded lol. I remember that Daisy was the first to go down, but determined she wasn’t important enough to try and save (this decision may have won us the game) We carry on the fight, with me doing pulling some awesome revives just feet behind the monster at times. After a minute or so, the assault somehow ended up getting killed in the canal and I was able to prevent him from getting eaten, but I couldn’t save him from death. I retreat back inside with monster hot on my tail. I manage another revive before the monster finally manages to incap the rest of us, but strangely the match didn’t end :confused:. So there we are, the 3 of us now incapped and the monster down to a single bar of health when the assault reappears from the canal door with lightning gun blazing. He pours into the goliath who goes after the assault (the rest of us are shooting our pistols) but it isn’t enough and the mighty goliath falls for a hunter victory.

So, what had me baffled at first was how? How had Markov gotten back so fast? Well it turns out that my decision to not save Daisy and having her start the 2 minute dropship timer is what saved us. I apologize that I can remember the whole match really well except for those last 2-3 minutes against the goliath which was probably one of the single most intense moments of my life. I believe I had about 7 revives that match, including 2 in the first dome and it was a rush jumping into the brawl trying to get in those all too critical revives. Evolve is an amazing game and I cannot wait to grab this next month.

So please either post you videos or just your recollections of your favorite matches because with stuff like this, there is going to be plenty.

Epic Stories

I can put a few of my playlists if you want :stuck_out_tongue: But I think I’ll revisit this thread after the Beta with more current footage :slight_smile:


NDA :frowning:



What NDA? I’m confuzzled.


No NDA on the beta or alpha. What system are you on?



im sure ill post my epic matches hopefully with video this weekend tho!


I had a great match last night where I was playing as hank. We were fighting a goliath and he got to stage three and we all had a big fight at the dam over the power relay. The goliath managed to kill off everyone on the team except for myself when I cloaked and ran to hide since I had only a sliver of health left. He started to tear apart the reactor and the rest of the team was still about 30 seconds away from dropping back in so I flew back up to the dam to try and stop him. The goliath had only about 1 bar of health left after the fight so was pretty weak and the dam power relay was about to be destroyed and had less than 10% of its health left. I quickly called in a mortar strike and opened fire on him with the mining laser to stop him at the last second from destroying the relay and the mortar strike finished him off! I felt like a real bad ass for saving the day at the very last second haha!


Awesome. Yeah the orbital is awesome to use when the monster is attacking the generator


Had an epic game today…we kept chasing the monster trying to cut him off couldnt do it…he evolved all the way to stage 3 without a true bubble engagement…I was playing as Val and after the monster reached stage 3 and had full armor he came to the power relay what took place was utter team work and chaos mixed in I wad constantly tranqing goliath then switching to heal with the occasional sniper shot like a good medic should…everyone on our team filled their specific role to perfection hank was shielding at the exact correct moment assault was aggroing the monster as much as possible so we finally ate thru his whole shield and most of his bars and as val if u can imagine trying to keep up healing with a stage 3 monster u can get behind quickly as we neared killing him hank went down followed bye markov I revived both with my med gun but that left maggie toast she went down followed by the other two as I tried all I could to heal but that rock throw I then proceeded to run as fast as I could to the power relay as markov and maggie had fall back traps set up got in position stood on the traps put a snipe shot in and a tranq popped my heal burst and boom he stepped on the two arc mines for the win…after the game I finished up with about 15000 pts healed and like 100 tranq duration crazy to finally get a random team who knew how to play…let that be a lesson hunter u can take a full health monster out u just need persistence and good communication and planning slow and steady wins the race :smile:


Cant even remember what map it was on and I got no footage I was too hyped and sweaty it was literally 12 mins of pure fighting at the relay…honestly i havent had that much fun in 12 mins playing a video game in a long long long time TRS keep up the good work!!!


@Brandini will you be playing ps4 primarily or are we gonna team up again


Yup, I’ll be on tomorrow around 430


Here’s a quick victory I had as Wraith today. Not too impressive, but fun nonetheless!


Not really an epic match as much as an epic fail on my part haha I was Laz. So we had the Kraken on its heels with about two bar of health left and no armor, we’re chasing it in the rendering plant and I notice that our assault goes down and dies and my team mates are fighting something. I race down there and they’re both low health and I dont see anything, so I run over to the Assaults body and try to revive him, next thing I know theres a fucking Armadon in my face haha aparently it died right next to Assaults body and I revived it instead haha it then proceeded to Reck our faces and party wipe us (/.-) biggest fail on my part so far #Shear Problems man xD


Man those Abductions were pretty nice though


A Wraith knocked me into a dumpster and left me to bleed out… So that’s a thing…


I saw that one. you were Parnell lmao


Wow, you just picked them apart in that corner lmao


Not exactly the same circumstances as my game I explained above but I managed to get somw of my arc mine clutch gameplay from a different game…this time u will notice it is just I and bucket remaning I fail at a jet pack to get up high and then sprint to the finish…yes ik my team drops in but I still managed to get him to the arc mines barely…just to keep it clean I couldnt let the audio as I was cursing at my failed jump getting stuck on a wall and why the heck I turned around…


Wish I had the footage from the epic game in my original post…that wasnt as epic but u get the jist of what it looks like :smile: …I wish u guys could of seen my face when I turned around and immediately regretted the decision :blush: