Tell the Community how you get back in the Zone!

So here is the deal. We all go through small periods where we just aren’t playing as good as we know we can.

I was playing some Evolve last night, getting my Monster game back in shape before Hunt 2.0 comes out. I was running into a bunch of different Lobbies. Some full of level 40’s some mixed. I got the feeling there may have been a pre-made or two but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

I was wrecking these lobbies no problem playing as Wraith. Then I decided to switch it up and play Kraken. I got beat by these 2 lvl 40’s that had a Hank + Laz combo. There were 2 lvl 19’s in the match too and one of them was on point with Griff poons. I ended up losing to them 2-3 times with them running the same combo and only got the win by playing Wraith. I’ll admit it rattled me, especially since I had gone against that combo before and won handily. I made a lot of mistakes in a couple of those matches that normally I wouldn’t make, all because I got rattled a little.

So when your in a slump what do you guys do to help break it? Do you take a quick break from Evolve? Switch roles? Go back to your strong suit?
For me all it took was getting one more win as Wraith before I got back into stride, so let’s share what helps us get back into focus!

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I usually win as Goliath, he’s my main. But I’m horrible with Kraken but sometimes when I win as Goliath I do good as another monster the next round.

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Exactly, it gets you pumped up! Plus if I win quickly against a Lobby I want to try out some other things, maybe give them a chance since I don’t want them to just quit.

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Yeah same here, I had an awesome round of Evolve last night when I was Goliath. I actually destroyed the Power Relay for the very first time! All my other wins as monster were from killing all the Hunters (I’m lvl 35 currently).

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I always play the same.
Always lose. :frowning:


It just takes strategy, and practice :smile:

What level are you?

Wait 2 weeks for them to completely overhaul the balance of the game, then try to get your groove back, because everybody will be off their groove


Oh, I’m not off my groove anymore lol. It was maybe for 2-3 matches last night. This is a thread so people can share how they gain their focus back!

You gotta just… Breathe, man. Take a step back 'n simmer down, bro.
I’m taking advantage of this to sound like a hippie because of the word groove

I tend to put some chill(step) music on and put myself in the actual character’s mindset so to speak…


Whenever I get put on tilt I find that the best thing to do is to stop playing for a while. Monster games can get frustrating but you have no idea what annoying is until you constantly lose because of your teammates and not yourself.

Hank pls I only have so much jet pack

Playing the Markov tutorial works too XD

Just stop xD

No! She must never stop!

Can’t stop the rock, baby.

Whenever this happens I solo the comp, good practice and a excellent way to test the strengths and weaknesses of the combos.

To chill I listen to some funny music :smile:

Starbomb is there just for me to simmer down and get my head on right.

I have weird tastes like that

There is just something so satisfying playing Behemoth despite his flaws and bugs but I have been known to lose my head when every bug Behemoth has finds its way to the game I’m playing.

Behemoth Rock n Roll!!! Oh yeah!!!

Take a breather, listen to some nice music, look at cute animal pictures, remind myself of the time I beat an experienced premade using Sunny, Torvald, Maggie and Caira before the nerfs and then play again.

So calm down, and boost your morale. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cute animals

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