Tell me your favourite campaign and character... From Left 4 Dead!


This includes both games. You can have multiple favourites. Hell, you can even love all of them!

I always loved playing Zoey in the first Left 4 Dead and Nick in Left 4 Dead 2. But I always found Bill really fuckin’ cool (“Son, we just crossed the street. Let’s not throw a party till we get out the city.”) and I loved Ellis’ dialogue, like when he takes some adrenaline, lol.

My favourite campaign has always been No Mercy. Love creepy hospitals and the end escape was epic.

In Left 4 Dead 2 I think I always enjoyed playing Heavy Rain and the Carnival map the most. Heavy Rain was just so cool how the weather began to shift dramatically as you tried to get back. Annnd… creepy clowns!

What are yours?


Zoey and Francis were the power couple and the only characters my wife and I played as.

As for campaign, damn…part of me wants to say No Mercy. It just set the tone for the whole game.


The girls… I never played the games though…


Going to absolutely agree with you here, lol.


I think Zoey was always the most interesting character, though I think if I was to choose who was my overall favourite it would be Francis. Always a fan of that type of character.

No Mercy for me on campaign too, it just felt like the most well crafted to me, and the end standoff is for me the best of the bunch.


Francis absolutely. I still hear his “Reloading!” in my dreams. I only ever played Francis.

I quite enjoyed No Mercy Tonally, though I enjoyed the last stand on Death Toll a lot.


Death Toll has remained my favorite campaign since I played it. I love most things about it - the shift in environments as you progress through is really awesome and satisfying. I always remember the wave of blue cast from the moon in the forest as you load in, clashing with the neon red from the tail lights of the car where you grab your ammo. You start off in the dark woods, and there are zombies hidden all around you in the trees… and you start from there. It’s super awesome to think that, eventually within that same campaign, you’re going through that crane event, the church event, getting into the suburbs, to get to the coast. I don’t know, it’s a very satisfying adventure.

As for characters… I love playing as Lois, scrambling and screaming. I also think the white shirt + red tie is a classic zombie-movie, zombie-game staple, continued in things like Shaun of the Dead. I like Lois’ optimism in the face of the horror, too.


PEELZ HERE! :pill:


Speaking of things drilled into heads from these games, I definitely think of Coach saying “Pills here” whenever I hear the word pills or see a pill bottle. Coach is who I usually play for L4D2 - part of that being because when you look at a suitcase full of pistols and money, he sings it out. In general, I really prefer the somber, darker, “bluer” tone (literally bluer lights) of L4D1 compared to L4D2, but I do really enjoy Hard Rain and Dark Carnival.


I was not a fan of the difficulty ratchet of L4D2. It always felt off to me. But I liked the characters and settings.


I also still here Louis’ “GRABBIN PEELZ!” in my nightmares.


Nightmares? That is what I hear in my dreams.

Louis is the best character. No question.



all my favourite campaigns are in here:

fav character: Louis


I love all the L4D1 Characters! That said, I think I mostly play as Francis or Bill.

Favorite L4D1 Campaign:
“The Dam (Or “Dam it”)” is hands down my favorite campaign. But if I gotta pick a campaign that made it into the game, I’ll choose Blood Harvest. I really enjoy all the areas in that campaign where you gotta be extra careful, as there could be unseen infected obscured by the vegetation. The dead cows with their faces eaten, the lawn mower basement, Oh and that crescendo event in the cornfield! :scream: Love it. :heart:

I’m not a big fan of the L4D2 characters, but Nick is probably the character I’m least “meh” about.

Favorite L4D2 Campaign:
The Parish. So many different things in that campaign. Jet fighers bombing the city, the car alarm area, the bridge run. A pretty cool campaign overall. That campaign in particular also got some nostalgic value to me. For example, during the beta, I was allowed to play for more than 30 minutes. :open_mouth: (The two first chapters of The Parish was the only thing that was available during that beta, so that’s one of the reasons that map always bring back happy memories).

Also, I want to note that I really like both games. But as similar as they might look on the surface, I can’t help but feel there’s such a huge difference between them, to the point where L4D2 just doesn’t quite feel like a L4D game. I personally felt that L4D was a lot more about the co-op and the mood. L4D2 kind of went a step back in that department I think, but instead it sorta made up for it with a strong focus on the zombie killing action itself.

It’s sorta like Alien and Aliens. The first movie had a focus on character and horror, where Aliens shifted its focus to the Aliens and the action (Same thing with L4D and L4D2( but with the infected instead of aliens of course)). Alien and Aliens are both really good movies IMHO, but I think Aliens isn’t an Alien movie the same way that L4D2 isn’t a L4D game.

I realize now that I just started rambling about L4D and L4D2 in general, using horrible Alien analogy. :open_mouth: Forgive this rusty bot, I really need the sleeps. :grin:

As a last thing though: yay! My wish for a Left 4 Dead category was granted! :smiley: Thanks @Shaners! :heart: Now we just need the L4D Emojis, hehe!


I never played the first one, but Nick was my first and favorite character in L4D2.


Favorite character Zoey and Louis and Hunter my favorite map was dead air from L4D 1 and I didn’t really care for L4D2 only reason I’d play it is for mutation’s tank was awesome.


Same i love zoey and francis


Some things… were meant to stay unbumped.

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