Tell me what is your favorite monsters skin?


What is your favorite skin for : Goliath,Kraken,Wraith,Behemoth and Gorgon?
Mine are :Tiger goliath ,Calipso Kraken,Tropical Wraith,Glacial-Ametist Behemoth and Scarlet Gorgon! Write what is yours?


Savage Goliath
Hornet Wraith
Zola Gorgon


I like Hornet wraith :heart_eyes:


It changes over time.

Goliath: White Tiger
Kraken: Prime or Neptune
Wraith: Orca (Any word on that Harvest skin? )
Behemoth: Amethyst
Gorgon: Zola

They deserve a mention
Meteor Goliath: Albino (It’s really outlandish)
Elder Kraken: Prime


Jade Behmoth
Scarb Gorgon
Gold Goliad
Tropical Wraith
Savage Kraken


Glacial behemoth [makes you extra fast!]
Man-o-war kraken
but all elite/prime skins look nice on monsters [sadly can not say that about hunter skins at the moment]


Definitely Glacial Behemoth and Voodoo Goliath


Gotta go fast friend…gotta go fast!And not to mention he looks like Cookie monster!


I have a huge sweet spot for Savage Goliath.

And this is where I would say I love Obsidian Behemoth…



That would be so extremely unpopular skin! Who would trade all the speed for being black?

Nevermind. Clearly being blue is not everything. rest in RIP in peace sanic 1.9. 22:30


All of them.


Savage Goliath
Savage Kraken
Savage Wraith
Bloodrock Behemoth
Scarlet Gorgon



His elite is pretty nice :yum:


lmao… they did not seriously do this.


If you said electro griffin I d give you some internet points. but rest is captain america themed and it is getting very boring.


Well he is changed from greenish to blue golf and more blue
I don’t see white or red in there, or any cheeseburgers holding shotguns


It is nice to know how you perceive average american

I was talking more bout this


My favorite is write flame meaty