Tell Me Something Nice You've Done! (Win a Hunting Season 2 pass or Battleborn!)


I have quite a few Evolve Hunting Season 2 codes left that I’d like to go to a good home. If you’ve already got one, don’t worry, I’m throwing in one Battleborn Early Access Preview code as well.

All you have to do is tell me something nice you’ve done for someone. Ideally it would be something recent, but if you have a more epic story that takes place a while back, that’ll be good too.

If you can’t think of something nice you’ve done for someone recently, please take a moment to reevaluate your life decisions.

I’ll pick the winner in about a week, but here are some rules:

  1. Keep it under 400 words. If you absolutely need to go over, that’s fine, but I’ll like you more for being concise.

  2. Make it readable. I’m no pro at English, but make sure you use punctuation, spaces, and all that nice stuff so it’s not too hard on my eyes. I don’t like blocks of texts, line breaks are nice.

  3. Post at the top “CONTEST ENTRY” and the prize you’d like if you win, it’ll make it easier for me to identify people who are entering and get them the prize they wanted. If you’d like a Hunting Season 2 pass, let me know what platform!

  4. Post in this thread to enter. You may tell multiple stories, but it will not increase your chances of winning, I’ll randomly pick one of the stories for entry.

  5. Don’t make up the story! Legitimately go out and do something nice for someone. There’s no way for me to actually tell if it’s real or not, so I’m just going to trust you to be honest.

And some other notes:

-You’re absolutely welcome to post a story, even if you don’t want a prize! Just leave out the “CONTEST ENTRY” part, I’ll read what you write anyway.

-I have Evolve Hunting Season 2 passes on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You’ll get Gorgon, Lennox, Jack, EMET, Kala, and some skins.

-The Battleborn Early Access Preview is ONLY on PC. This is NOT the Beta, it contains all 25 playable heroes and new game modes and story content are being unlocked each week. The game releases May 3rd.

-I’ve heard that the PS4 Evolve codes I have don’t work in Europe. I do not know which codes are usable in what countries, but they should all work in the US and probably North America. Nicky assumes no responsibility for codes that don’t work in different regions.

-This contest is open on the Evolve forums at and the Gearbox forums at It’s the exact same contest with the exact same prize pool, I just wanted to make it accessible to anyone who wanted an Evolve code or a Battleborn code.

-You do not need to be on the Gearbox forums to earn the Battleborn code, and you do not need to be on the Evolve forums to get a Hunting Season 2 Pass.

-Please only enter on one forum, I know you can totally trick me and enter on both forums under different names, but I’m going to trust everyone will be honest.

-You don’t necessarily have to run into a burning building of puppies, save each one of them, put out the fire, and rebuild their home to win the contest. It doesn’t matter if the nice thing you’ve done is for one person or twenty, I’m simply picking my favorite stories. The winners won’t necessarily be the one who went out and did the biggest, most expensive thing.

-Nicky reserves the right to edit the rules, terms, and conditions as necessary.

I’ll announce the winners on both threads, as well as my Facebook, Twitter, and Discord channels in about a week (Sunday, March 27th). You will be contacted on the respective forum you posted with your prize.

You can find me on Twitter @StealthShampoo, on Facebook, and on my Discord.

Good luck,
Nicky from StealthShampoo

Edit: People aren’t putting “CONTEST ENTRY” at the top of their post with the prize they want. I won’t count your entry unless you do that. When it’s judging time, I’m going to hit F3 and just read all the posts with CONTEST ENTRY, others will be skipped over. PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES BEFORE ENTERING!

Edit 2: if you’d like a Hunting Season 2 pass, please let me know what platform you’d like!


Buying my dad coffee and walking back about a mile to give it to him and then giving him a massage for the whole week while in Kansas.

Does this count?


Hunting pass pls

I bought my nephew a quadcopter, my Aunts a toaster and kettle and I am about to give them all love and kisses as it is Iran New Year today!!!


Want Battleborn
My mom works at a nursing home, and I went to pick her up. I had to wait for a bit and met Gladys, a patient at her work. Gladys wanted to go back to her room and none of the nurses were around, so I offered to take her. As we were walking, she told me stories and I was really surprised with the kind of life she lived. She said that her children are too far to visit her often, and that it was nice to talk with someone.


CONTEST ENTRY - Battleborn

I’m a mobile application programmer/developer. I made two apps (one for android, one for iOS) for a non-profit organization free of charge. In retrospect it was a huge time sink (2-3 weeks for each app) but I think it was worth it!

(Not too hype about Evolve but I couldn’t find the thread on the gearbox forums so I’m entering here)


Heads up guys: no one has put “CONTEST ENTRY” at the top of their post with the prize they want. I won’t count your entry unless you do that. When it’s judging time, I’m going to hit F3 and just read all the posts with CONTEST ENTRY, others will be skipped over.


CONTEST ENTRY, Battleborn If i can

Well Recently I’ve been kinda broke for a couple of friends who can’t buy things that are at cons or stuff, or outside there country, like that and just been doing a bunch of it recently.



Today I went out, collected over 9000 books from schools in my district and donated them to a thing called “Reading Heart”. Reading Heart donates books to children battling diseases such as cancer in hospitals.

It took me four hours to drive back and forth between all the schools and the baseball stadium where they were located, but it was worth it. The goal was to reach 500,000 donated. They didn’t reach that, but they did break the world record of most books donated to charity. And I’m just glad to know that I could be a part of that. :smile:


I want a cup of Hey-Zeus

I’m fat and I haven’t smothered anyone to death with my obesity… recently.

Do I win?


Contest Entry
Battle born I guess.
Every now and then I will go out to this nice place and help out a church group give out much needed supplies to the homeless and poor. Where I do work is giving stuff out, things like clothes and things to help maintain themselves (toothbrushes, shampoo, towels, etc.). There’s also things like rooms and free food but I haven’t worked over there.

Not much of a story, just stuff I do.


Not entering cuz I want other people to win and have fun :wink:



Contest Entry
Dat battleborn tho
I feel weird talking about good deeds, so I’ll keep it related: if I’m playing with a premade in skirmish and we go against a non-40 monster, I’ll usually just let them hit me with stuff and play generally poorly so that they have a little more fun and feel better about their play. My team usually yells at me for it, but I can’t hear you over run-n’-gun Cabot, shooting this Kraken in the face while I eat every other lightning strike with a bib on.


Contest Entry
Evolve Season Pass! (For PC)

My best friends laptop broke, and since we are both studying computerscience and games engineering, that was a pretty big loss for her. She cant afford a new laptop so me and some friends called out to our friends and managed to collect enough parts to build her a desktop pc! Its even strong enough to let her play games like League of Legends or Counterstrike with us!

Thank you for doing this give away! :slight_smile:


CONTEST ENTRY for Battleborn early access code

Been a volonteer firefighter for some years now, living right next to the fire station so I am usualy one of first arrivals on scene. Plus part of a search and rescue team for missing people (together with my dog) and having climbing category IV license to reach tough places or height rescues. But recently I have been put on non active duty due to knee operations, third one coming next week so I won’t be able to move for a few weeks. I like playing video games to help me relax and change mind set, evolve for exemple requires good focus but the Battleborn looks very intriging to try out!


Heads up: added an amendment to rule 2. If you’d like a Hunting Season 2 pass, remember to let me know for which platform! I have several for Xbox One and PS4 left, and a few PC ones.


Hunting Season 2

Well, in my cooking class my teacher is pretty strict and she will give you an F for the day if you say, like touch your body (Not like that. :stuck_out_tongue: ) or a table, or anything that has nothing to do with cooking. At the end of the class, we try out everybody’s recipe, clean whatever is left, and then we go to our next class or home, depending on what block it was. Well this time, everyone was panicking as she was extra picky and some groups weren’t ready, and everyone forgot to clean up. I stayed 10 minutes after the bell rang, which was after school, and I was cleaning up after everyone’s stuff in each group, baking trays, knives, and such. The next day, she congratulated me and told everyone that if it wasn’t for me, everyone would have gotten an F and a class detention. I felt pretty good. :grinning:


I wasn’t looking for a prize :stuck_out_tongue: I already have Hunting Seasons 1 and 2 and I’m kinda “eh” with BattleBorn


That’s alright man, I know some people just wanted to share, but lots of others didn’t follow the entry rules. Just wanted to make that clear.


I help refugees in berlin. I give out meals, clean up sleeping “rooms” (rather halls) and play with children.
Oh man…already have HS2 and don’t play on pc…


Season pass 2 PC

I travel to ( ) with my family. I was lost in a country at big markets area . I searched for my family but I couldn’t find them . I asked someone to help me out so they tried to contact my mother through public phone but it didn’t work out . So they called the police station to take me / police may get a call from my family . Old man was being in prison was crying for some reason . Police officer wake up because of the old man crying . Policeman abused their power and hit him with his own device . You can notice the blue marks on the old man body

I was courage at that time (12 years old ) so I told the police to stop doing it . I touched his device just to stop him from torturing the old man . I feared that he might hit me . But he didn’t . I was very fortunate that day . I am proud for standing for the old man