Tell Me I'm Not The Only One


I know that other players do this too, right? My rule is that if they stop shooting me, I let them live and fight me again. I like a good fight rather than a quick easy victory. Who’s with me?

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This is generally considered not a very nice thing to do, and many players dislike monsters that troll other players like this.

If you win so unanimously, just end it quickly. It’s bad sportsmanship to mess with them.


I do it more as a “Here’s another chance to beat me” kind of thing. I mean no disrespect, just I like fighting good teams, and since my Xbox likes to kick me out of lobbies, I like to stay for as long as I can.


Okay, that makes sense I suppose. Just don’t do it if the Hunter players want the game to be over.



I will remember that. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!


Love it! Absolutely perfect!


Ehh, if you’ve already wiped them like that, they’re gaining extra strikes and are basically guaranteed to lose. Finish the job you’ve started so everyone can get “another chance to beat you” in a new match. I know I find it super annoying, it always comes off as trolling or farming masteries.


Since I’m elite on everything already, I only thought that I was giving them a chance to work on their masteries and allowing them to regroup and attack. If anyone has two strikes though (as you can see the trapper would have gotten) I end it. I agree with you on that point though.


thats nothing but bm.

its the same thing as letting daisy life


I agree. That is so nice! :kissing_heart:


I usually just end the game if I can win right then and there.

However, If the support cloaks and runs early on I just let him/her run away without chasing them even though I’m pretty sure I can find them if I look hard enough.


Cloaking doesn’t really work because if you boost around your jetpack shows where you are. If you go on foot you leave footprints. Stand still and monster proceeds to flail and hit’s you anyway.


No, I wouldn’t. I don’t expect or give mercy. I give it my best. It’s about sportsmanship.

If it’s not a good fight, you can’t make it. Also, it would be disrespectful of your opponent.


if 3 of ur teamates died, and left u alone without cloak, i would rather a quick death, than wait for 2 mins for an inevitable lose.


Yea, but if the game is going to end at 7 minutes in and the support decides to run I just let them and regain my armor and stuff. I know people have masteries to do and 7 minute games don’t really help all to much.


Yup, you’re all on your own on this one


…truth be told i kinda do this too.


Yeah if I stop shooting or running away it’s because I’m taking a knee to get a new game started, and I’d be pretty pissed off if the monster just left me and ran off to stretch out the game. Just my two cents.


The general feeling of the public is, faster is better. If the winning team is going to win, just finish the match.