Tell Goliath to Shut Up



I feel like whenever I startup the game, I’m going to wake up my neighbors. I also go deaf for 5 seconds.

Please for TU09, lower the volume of the opening to the game, as well as the cinematic. Loud AF.

  • Yes, TRS should lower the volume
  • No, I like not hearing

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TRS needs to lower the volume of the entire game. On my tv I play most games at what my volume control calls 12. On Evolve I play on 3.

12 is loud enough it makes my speakers crackle.

For reference most tv shows I watch on 20 to 25.

Freaking 3 people!


I almost chose “No, I like not hearing” just because it’s funny. For real though, it can be an issue. I play with headphones in, on both PC and console, and when this intro plays, I have to take them out of my ears or actually exit my game to lower volume for this to play, then raise it back up when the scene’s done.

It’s really only an inconvenience for me, but it does get irritating when I forget and have to clean up the blood from my eardrums (I’m exaggerating greatly).


If the intro cared about the volume settings I give it, that’d be one thing. But as it stands, yeah, super loud.


I never experience this problem as my T.V’s volume is 0. This is because I have all audio going to my headset. Easier to hear sniffs, foot prints and distant spotters that way. And sometimes if my brother comes into the room I remove my mic because it’s actually faster than muting myself, and if my T.V had volume, game sound and chat would then play from my T.V. And err… My friends say some weird shit.


Whenever I’m in a party with my friends and we decide on a game of evolve each time you can hear everyone scramble for the remote as the intro kicks in and a loud roar happens in the back ground.


If you ain’t playing evolve with a head set you ain’t playing it right!

But no- seriously. The sound is one of the most amazing things about evolve. It seriously has one of the most comprehensive audio systems I’ve ever seen in a video game. If you’re playing without a head set- you ARE playing at a disadvantage


it’s just the intro dude, you won’t miss much.


Neat :smile: but I’m talking about all the people who are obviously playing without head sets in here :stuck_out_tongue:


for as long as I play, I can’t use headsets for too long.


Which is 100% understandable :slight_smile:

But you’re still playing at at a disadvantage in that case ;).

Unless you have an awesome surround sound set up. In which case I totally want your set up


3d Headsets OP in evolve lol. Especially with implemented footstep audio boosters :wink:


I died there

and yes I agree the game is loud but you have to think here. Would you rather have a game about needing to hear the monster be quiet? To be honest I think it adds more feel to the game because it is so loud it’s not like any other game to were, yeah we aren’t going to show you cool stuff till you get there, but evolve is just HEY GUYS THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING YEAH GET EXCITED!!


Why do the monsters eat the floor on startup


They’re eating an animal. It’s just something for them to do rather than stand there looking nonplussed.


The animation doesn’t line up with the corpse so they look like they are eating the floor


They are obviously eating the dirt! Shears dirt tastes like megamouths without the sh*ts Crow approves of this message :crow: :gobi:


No. Let him talk. I use the headset that came with the PS4, but I plan to upgrade to the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 with Superhuman Hearing.


I always thought it was just me with me hearing aid. But nope it was really just that fricken loud


Only speculating but I would assume that when TU09 comes out due to the drastic changes the opening cinematic will be changed. It would only make sense since the Assault is shown with a shield which we now know is going to be a white hexagon thing.

If not then it may be changed in the future as I would have thought it isn’t high on the priority to do list.