Teleporting pounces


I just got pounced out of the sky from at least 20 megamouths away please fix this… it was just a very painfully obvious situation where the pounce shouldn’t of reached at all…


Could it have been lag?

Also, I approve of your unit of measurement.


No it wasn’t lagging, I wasn’t, neither was the monster. it was just a really glitch pounce.


This happends so many times in our games multiple times a game as well… Its really starting to get annoying ill jump off a ledge be falling or at least be 15 megamouths away and the monster will teleport to me grab me and bring me back to him its as my friend said painfully obvious… This pounce syndrome has to stop #stoppouncingplz


[quote=“Reptartar, post:1, topic:82367”]
I just got pounced out of the sky from at least 20 megamouths
[/quote] Top Kek m8


This is the best unit of measure I’ve ever seen. Never use regular measurements again.


So are the crab things the centimeters to our Megamouths?


nonono You just use different parts of the megamouth. Like the leg, teeth, etc.


So would we use the stubby legs of Megamouths for the smaller measurements?




Aha! I can now flag some of your posts for being off topic!

For shame Regular! For shame!





Yeah but… I’m not a Regular. And everyone knows I’m a jerk so… yeah.



You guys got it all wrong, you only use megamouths if they’re any closer then you don’t need to call it out anyway lmao


I would prefer to measure by “inconsistent Tyrant aggro ranges” :smiley_cat:


Thats just too much stick to flying megamouths lolol


Back to the topic tho, can we fix this? The pounces need some touches.


Honestly when I popped into this thread I was thinking it was going to involve being pounced through a Teleporter or getting snagged as you are teleporting or something.

This bug might be just a serious bad case of lag but we would need video to really see how many Megamouths away the Monster really was.


Which monster was it? Because Kraken has insane pounce distances.


Alright y’all, I was there, I bore witness to said fuckery so let’s take a moment to soak this in. Fusion Plant, heading down the top of the stairs on front towards the tyrant pool, jumped off, grab by Goliath and pulled onto the stairs right before beginning to ascend that huge rock in between that whole chasm area. That enough context? As least 15-20 megamouths now come on, it was only Goliath not Pouncehemeoth, not even Poncken, just Goliath lol.