Teleporting Hunter Glitch (Solo VS AI)


So I’ve noticed a bug in Solo play (w/ AI) that teleports hunters to the far side of the map. The first time it happened, I thought it was a fluke, so I didn’t report it. But it just happened again, and now I’m concerned.

The first time it happened was on Rendering Plant. We were facing a Behemoth, and my Caira went down in a corner from a rock wall. The wall crumbled, and the Behemoth escaped the dome. So I turned around to go pick her up, only to find she had teleported probably 200m away, into a pit of acid on the far side of the map (we were fighting near the Nomad spawns). She died before I could get to her, I was pissed.

The second time just happened to me a few minutes ago. I was again fighting a Behemoth, this time on Weather Control. We were just outside the entrance to the caves, near the chasm you can jump over in a couple of jetpack boosts. I was playing Laz at the time, dodging back and forth to avoid damage. The dome fell, so I hotswapped to Crow to continue the chase, only to find him in the far corner of the map, swimming in the lake near the fishing village. He wasn’t incapacitated, just really far away. Too far to have travelled there himself in the short time the dome had gone down.

I’m not exactly sure what’s causing this glitch, but both times it occurred, I was facing a Behemoth. Maybe the AIs are getting trapped between the wall, and the game’s teleporting them large distances away to try and free them/prevent them from clipping the walls. I’m not entirely certain. Has anyone else experienced this glitch?