Teleporting Gorgon


###4:19 - 4:36
Shortly after Rogue Val’s release I went into a game against a Gorgon, unfortunately I hadn’t planned on Gorgon being a magician and as such teleported through a building and nearly 100m away. To be honest, I would’ve just preferred the “Bunny in the Hat” trick instead.


You’ve got quite a few of these threads. Why not make one thread and list all the issues?


The devs asked him to split them out in to individual threads :slight_smile:


I did, at the request of @LadieAuPair I made multiples, it’s easier for them to log that way.

@niaccurshi Oooohhh you ninja :sunglasses:


It’s much easier for us to track the bugs when a thread only covers one issue. Especially if one of the issues in the thread has updates or gets fixed, but not others.