Teleporting Bots


When some one leaves the game and the bots take over, the bots will sometimes teleport across the map so essentially if you do not fight in the middle of the map the bots will just keep teleporting.

Keep working evolve I feel like the game has come a long way and done some great things just want to help the best I can


Video of it?


it’s a bug that seems to have something to do with hotswapping and just before they get stuck they seem to teleport farther away.


I can confirm.
If it’s to do with hotswapping it’s probably bcs of the synchronisation between client and server.
When a person hotswaps into bot, they send info, to the server, on where the bot was at the moment of swapping.
No idea how to fix that if this is the case.


Me neither but it’s known and they’re working on it.


BTW they should remove the limit on hotswapping. Sometimes you just can’t change into a bot no idea why.


Not sure if related, but if you switch over to a bot during the game, the hunter you previously played will often get stuck or stay where you switched from him, thus taking him out of the match entirely. Switching back lets you control them again, but then the other bot will just stop following anyone.


Pretty sure it has something to do with the bot taking damage.


In regard to not being able to hotswap. There are times that are not safe for a swap because of states the bots get into while traversing the world. Doing a swap at these times can cause issues if the client and the server aren’t properly synced. This is mostly related to in air state (jetpack, knockback, etc) where the AI is doing some extra work to make sure they don’t land somewhere they aren’t allowed.


We have this issue in our bug DB and we’re looking into a fix for the teleporting bots. Thanks for the info.


Sometimes you can’t hotswap into a bot when he attacks monster from safe distance so I’d be glad if you took a look into that.
Thanks for the response btw!


I can defiantly take a look. If I remember correctly there is a few seconds extra no swap time to make sure everything get synced but I’ll take a look to make sure there isn’t anything silly going on.