Teleportation Rift Change?


Okay, hear me out, I swear I’m not crazy.

Back in ye olde days over yonder I remember the first time I played Evac. I lost horribly in Wraith Trap as a Hunter, and on the next match, I saw the amazing sight of it. The teleportation rift. I knew it could teleport the Monster, but I’ve never seen it up close as a human. When I was face to face with it, I teleported to a random place in the map with 25% of my health. I would purposely lose just to mess around with it.

Nowadays, you just get hurt if you stand near it.

Am I the only one who noticed it?


Sorry I’m no beta person. But I think it’s a change for the better as it will destroy many hunters teams.


It wasn’t during the beta.


Oh…Do you recall any times?


Only one, I believe it was armory? I think. Yeah, pretty sure.

I went next to see if I could like, see Monsters in them as if it was another dimension, and then poof!

Near the caves at the bottom left of the map.


Wonder if something happened in the coding

Who can we tag to answer this?


Idk which dev to tag.

The onoy reason I could understand for this change would be that the Monster could attack a hunter into the rift, teleporting him/her to the other side of the map, but they can easily counter that by just not going near it or doming there.


You get damaged when near it? Huh, didn’t know that


Yeah, the damage is kinda the same when getting shocked in some maps like Barracks.


Just for clarification, since I’ve never really encountered the teleport rifts:

  1. Is there only one rift per map?
  2. Can the monster smell the rift?

  1. Yes, there is one rift per map. It teleports the Monster to a random place in the map. It is stationary and will always stay there.

  2. No, the Monster can’t smell the rift, but it spawns when the match starts close to the center of the map.


Can you see them on the map?


On the minimal? No. I’ve tried, but there is no icon to show you where they are.

They do, however, spawn when the match starts near the center of the map.