Telemetry and Game Balance


I guess there’s nothing more i can say. In your alternate reality where all this is true, Kraken is unbeatable. But it’s pure delusion. Laz will get revives, even with ranged body camping; maybe not every time, but often enough to be effective. Kraken will get punished for body camping by competent teams, all it takes is landing your shots which is a bit harder than it should be right now but not so much that the whole damn game is broken like you would have us believe. It’s not quite balanced yet but the only fix needed is the movement speed and cc effectiveness. but mostly, it’s fine. The imbalance might cause you to lose 1 game more in 10 than you would have. it’s ok. they’ll fix what they need to fix. they don’t need to change the way kraken can shoot at corpses. it’s fine.


This happens to me fairly often as well. I seems to happen when my view is blocked of where the lightning strike is landing.


you could air-burst aftershock before the patch, and can still now. all you gotta do is air-burst and then emidiately hit aftershock while bursting through the air.

aftershock did not need the speed penalty removed. people simply jsut didnt want it before because it could be avoided. now however, it cant.


its a 4 man cooperation game. if laz could solo revive with minimal effort then he would be broken and abused like sunny is currently. there needs to be a balance between laz keeping everyone at full hp all game long vs the other medics allowing strikes.

how did he see laz? no laz just blatantly walks up and revives he should be cloaked. he cloaks in and support cloaks out. the only time kraken should see laz is when the revive is happening. good luck getting to laz by that time if your in the air dodging gunfire.

btw your combo is known and is getting nerfed. banshee mine spam will not work anymore. even then laz can survive that if they have markovs LG. theres ways around it.


I’ve experienced this as well! There is a definitely delate that happens especially when I’m switching from the mines to flame thrower.


Hi all!!!

If you have time today, watch the live stream! It’ll be at 3PM PDT. We’ll be talking about the how and why of what’s coming in future balance updates. This does not include balance changes that involve code changes or bug fixes, etc. These are only balance changes that may be in future micropatches.

Specifically we’ll be demoing a build with the following changes. Please note that these changes are still in testing so final values may change, be removed, postponed, etc.

Hunt Mode

  • Sudden Death forgiveness timer reduced to ten seconds (was fifteen)


  • Hyde
  • Toxic Grenade
    • Removed Hunter slow effect (and the crowd goes wild!!!)
  • Parnell
  • Multifire Rocket Launcher
    • 200% more accurate for long range destruction!
  • Torvald
  • Shrapnel Grenades
    • Increased proximity detonation radius to help vs airborne targets
  • Val
  • Heal Burst
    • Increased self heal by 50%
  • Slim
  • Spore Cloud Launcher
    • Radius decreased 20%
  • Sunny
  • Mininuke
    • Increased proximity detonation radius to help vs airborne targets
  • Shield Drone
    • Hit points of the drone decreased by 40% (easier to destroy)
  • Jetpack Booster
    • Provides 50% less thrust boost on jetpack dodges


  • All Monsters
  • Melee Stamina
    • Goliath, Kraken and Wraith melee stamina auto fill time now set to 3 seconds (Was quicker before though it varied per monster. This controls how quickly another heavy hit can be used when pausing between melee attacks. This will have no affect on what attacks are used when constantly melee attacking.)
  • Armor Regeneration
    • Starts six seconds after damage taken (was 10). This helps make the armor regeneration perk more responsive.
  • Kraken
  • Lightning Strike
    • Moves at a constant speed (used to move faster on the far plane initially, then slow down. Now it always moves at its final speed)

Character Perks

  • Damage Bonus (M & H)
  • Reduced to 5%, 7.5% and 10% (was 7.5, 10, 15)
  • Armor Regeneration (M)
  • Increased to 50%, 75%, 100% (was 25, 38, 50)
  • Cooldown Reduction (M)
  • Decreased to 10%, 15%, and 20% (was 15, 23,30)
  • Movement Speed (M & H)
  • Increased to 15%, 20% and 25% (was 10, 15, 20)
  • Stamina Bonus (M)
  • Reduced to 20%, 30%, 40% (was 25, 35, 50)
  • Climb Speed (M)
  • Increased to 50% (was 30)
  • Reload Speed (H)
  • Decreased three star to 25% (was 30)
  • Jump Height (H)
  • Increased to 300% (was 200)

Elite Wildlife Buffs

  • Armadon Bull
  • Hunter and Monster damage reduction now 25% (was 35%)
  • Crowbill Sloth
  • Hunter and Monster damage bonus now 25% (was 35%)
  • Mammoth Bird
  • Monster Ability cooldown now 35% (was 50%)
  • Hunter Reload/Recharge bonus now includes electronic devices.
  • Megamouth
  • Monster Pounce damage bonus now 50% (was 100%)
  • Hunter class special cooldown reduction now 35% (was 50%)
  • Nomad
  • Hunter jetpack recharge bonus now 150% (was 200%)
  • Monster traversal stamina bonus now 50% (was 100%)
  • Tyrant
  • Monster duration reduced to 2 minutes (was 5, the new value gives the monster ~two bars of health back)
  • Hunter duration reduced to 3 minutes (was 5)
  • Hunter health regeneration rate reduced by 20%

Elite Wildlife

  • Armadon Bull
  • Health increased 33%
  • Blitzleopard
  • Health increased 25%
  • Speed increased 38%
  • Canyon Strider
  • Speed increased 38%
  • Cephaladon
  • Health increased 40%
  • Crowbill Sloth
  • Health increased 34%
  • Mammoth Bird
  • Health increased 70%
  • Speed increased 30%
  • Marsh Strider
  • Speed increased 38%
  • Megamouth
  • Health increased 34%
  • Nomad
  • Health increased 34%
  • Obsidian Grub
  • Health increased by 100%
  • Reaver
  • Health increased by 150%
  • Speed increased by 23%
  • Steamadon
  • Health increased by 150%
  • Speed increased by 15%
  • Tyrant
  • Health increased by 37%
  • Venomhound
  • Health increased by 190%
  • Speed increased by 15%

Mastery Adjustments

  • Reduced the requirements for the following masteries
  • Skilled Tongue Grab
    • Grab 10 creatures with tongue grab
  • Skilled Shrapnel Grenade
    • Allow 160 Bonus Damage (from weak spots)
  • Skilled Rock Wall
    • Deal 5500 damage with the wall
  • Skilled Fissure
    • Deal 13000 damage
  • Skilled Leech Gun
    • Do 20000 Damage
  • Expert Spore Cloud Launcher
    • Keep the Monster in smoke for 5 seconds (20 times)
  • Expert Shield Drone
    • Shield 19000 total damage
  • Expert Tongue Grab
    • Grab Hunters 25 times
  • Expert Lava Bomb
    • Hit multiple creatures 20 times
  • Expert Healing Drone
    • Revive 10 teammates with a Healing Drone
  • Elite Shield Drone
    • Shield 2000 damage in a single round 20 times
  • Elite Healing Drone
    • Heal 20 teammates from 80 meters away
  • Elite Tongue Grab
    • Grab Hunters in mid-air 30 times
  • Elite Fissure
    • Deal damage to multiple Hunters 30 times
  • Elite Spore Cloud Launcher
    • Smoke Revive 10 teammates
  • Increased the requirements for the following masteries
  • Expert Rock Wall
    • Trap a creature between the wall and you 60 times
  • Elite Stasis Gun
    • Enable the team to do 110000 damage while the monster is slowed
  • Elite Lava Bomb
    • HIt multiple Hunters 100 times

Award Adjustments

  • Tuned requirements for more consistent XP awarded between characters
  • Hyde increased requirements for RPS Beast
    • 520 damage
  • Hyde increased requirements for Noxious
    • 525 damage
  • Griffin decreased requirements for Close Quarters
    • 630 damage
  • Val decreased requirements for Quick Fix
    • 2000 health
  • Torvald increased requirements for Obliterated
    • 1800 damage
  • Torvald increased requirements for A Thousand Cuts
    • 5 hits
  • Crow increased requirements for Stop Motion
    • slow for 12 seconds
  • Sunny increased requirements for Power Aid
    • boost for 24 seconds

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There are bugs in there. It feels fine in normal testing, but I have also seen times when other monsters move really fast. Happened to me during the Goliath Rock Throw weekend where suddenly I was zooming around as Goliath. I asked at work and I think the fix for that one is in the que.


Fantastic! I’m looking forward to this!


Does this mean that a jetboosted jet boost travels 12.5 meters or 17.5 meters? The jetboost traveled 25 meters with sunny’s booster, is it relative to the total amount or relative to the difference between the two amounts? (I.E. the normal jetboost is 10 meters, so it is (25-10)/2 or 25/2)


This looks very promising, i like that you finally decided to take a bit of air out of Sunny’s jetpack booster and the higher Val selfheal will aid her survivability, at least a lil bit. I think the Hyde change also looks very nice and could change the flow of battle quite a bit. Great overall list!


I love everything about this. The wildlife buff nerfs ( especially the tyrant ) especially.


It’s more complicated than that. There is thrust and there is dampening. Thrust is being scaled while dampening is not. So this is in reference to the actual thrust amount. I haven’t specifically tested distances, but the expectation would be if thrust was cut by 50% and dampening stayed the same, the end result is that distance would be cut by more than 50%.

2.0 SUNNY Discussion!

New fav perk I think… with my damage perk reduced… this is gonna be my go to.


Well, time to go practice monster without the damage perk :stuck_out_tongue:


You should practice with the Wraith. :no_mouth:


Why? warp blast spam, gg! :slight_smile:


Nah Kraken does not have a hard time on the ground, he does however have an advantage in the sky.


I hate to be negative, there was a lot of good things you listed, but:

Is reload speed more efficent than capacity now? I mean, with capacity per reload, shorting down the overal reload time. It used to be pretty close, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the 5% tipped it over the edge.

This will only make it harder for the hunters to deny buffs, tough. So while the buffs are weaker, they are even more monster favored.

Wildlife Buff Woes (From Telemetry Thread)

There shouldn’t be counters to specific hunters or monsters.
If Torvald is Behemoth’s “counter” then he is OP against him and this should be adressed.

Every character should be fairly effective against every beast.


Ok. Is it a 50% reduction to the thrust of a jetpacked boost or a 50% reduction to the additional thrust given by a jetpacked boost?