Telemetry and Game Balance

This saddens me greatly. But it’s for balance, so I suppose I support it.

Will Bucket Stacking be allowed? Nothing wrong with that right?

Or could we ever get an item in the future that stacks intentfully? It’s just so much fun.

Bucket sentry stacking is silly, I imagine it takes any one monster ability to take them all down(if not,then they should remove it)

this saddens me deeply :crying_cat_face:

Generally it takes just as much effort for sunny to put a drone in such a place, meaning that allowing drones on top of pillars rewards forethought and planning. At the same time, if the monster does drop the drone, sunny would have that much more difficult of a time putting it back in the same place

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Any chance we could see a decoy damage nerf? Only problem I have ever had with it :confused:

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Not likely. The only reason to put more points into decoy is to pump up the damage - to take it from a defensive ability to an offensive ability. As far as what we are seeing in games -

Wraith’s number 1 damage dealer is Stage 3 melee attacks.
2 is lvl 3 Warp Blast
3 is Stage 2 melee attacks
4 is lvl 3 Supernova
5 is lvl 3 Decoy


Macman, isn’t that only based on the current wraith games ? Because i haven’t seen a decoy wraith in years.

This is since the most recent balance patch. Isn’t that what we care about? (what she’s playing like right now)

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Hmm. Maybe on average, but it is by far the most damaging ability in some situations. I dont know, I just got out yet another game where it took out 80% of my HP in less than a second. There was a time not too long ago where it nearly downed me from no strikes as Caira, even after I burned my healing burst and two grenades. Every once in a while it just packs a punch that I dont think is intended


Id guess so yes, also, do you mind fixing the fact the warp blast ‘‘explosion’’ doesn’t match the correct radius ? Sometimes i feel like i should had dodged it ( visually ) but gameplay wise i got hit, it annoys me.

@PeirsPryce the wraith decoy also uses 2 different attacks, the UBER uppercut, which is tons of damage, and the common slap.

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There are known double damage bugs. We’ve seen the same with rock throw, etc. We have been fixing a bunch of these as we can repro them, but they still occur in some instances. Maybe that’s what you see every now in then, or maybe it’s relaibly the upper cut.


Also, rock throw’s shrapnel effect sometimes hits right past walls, ive had that happen to me in fusion plant.

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Its usually just a spam of light attacks, but I could totally see it being a double damage bug

Unless its on the relay area where sunny can put it down without any pressure. Regardless, just cause its a bit hard to put it someplace doesn’t justify it. I shouldnt HAVE to bring rock throw just cause someone wants to abuse an exploit.

Agreed. If I’m a Hunter and see a Sunny trying to do it, I will jump on top of the Drone to keep them from stacking them further.

But why does it scale differently than all other monster abilities? Every single other monster ability goes 100% -> 130% ->169%

Decoy scales 100% -> 175%-> 250%. Why? A lot of people think decoy does too much damage for a homing, difficult-to-dodge monster ability (myself included) and this seems like a pretty obvious explanation as to why. Couldn’t we just bring it in line with ALL the other monster abilities?

Decoy doesn’t even do anything half the time it just floats around and ends up being destroyed or fading away. No way it needs a nerf. It already kind of sucks because if you have a stasis effect on you, fire, and what not, you can’t even use it.


What?! i didnt know that about that skill. I only ever play goliath so this is news to me. Thats a pretty ridiculous boost for a skill that you can activate and use to run away from all danger -_-

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You do realize that the proximity detonation allows for Torvald to simply position himself a tiny bit in front of kraken, but below him and shoot the mortars to make them explode on their way to their destination?

It ain’t that hard to do either.

Oh sure, against a bad Kraken. ^.-
You realize any decent Kraken will never stay in the same spot? He’s extremely mobile in the air, and currently cannot be slowed down. So good luck with that I suppose.