Telemetry and Game Balance


So, just a thought about wraith here. I love playing the abduct style wraith and IF it were to ever get buffed how about making the damage instant instead of when the target gets pulled back? I've had people get saved from a down because the damage was delayed, do you think this would leave too little room for last second saves or could be something that works?

OR some way to reward those big long range abducts like having a DoT as you abduct. The longer the range the more the dot does. But also have instant dmg at the pick up or drop location so if you get harpooned or just abduct from a really short range it's still worth it.


If abduction doesn't clear mines you pretty surely don't want warp blast past them to deal damage to the wraith aswell so wraith is allowed to use decoy to clear them once every 30s? how generous of you.


The graph is actually wrong though. Power is not slowly accumulating ( which would be cool ), but jumpy.


The lines on the graph represent the balance of power, not damage, so this takes armor generation into consideration.


If you think the graph would really look like that more power to you.


I pulled this image from the Development of Evolve topic. The graph was to show that the general gameplay of Evolve would start off with a weak monster who should run and feed and evolve to become stronger.



Not sure if this has come up, but I've noticed that cloaked hunters (esp. Laz) give VO clues to the monster when approaching. Seems like a cloaked hunter would want to be quiet and not brag about his fancy glove while running towards the incap camping monster.


Actually, it is accumulating, because of armor generation and perk obtaining. It's not wise to engage right at the start, or after evolving, since you'll be taking permanent health damage. But a good monster player has nearly nothing to lose hitting the hunters right before evolving - same stage, different power level.


Its all good man, i play on Xbox and have a good regular 4 man team. We still kill Wraiths, just there are some pure cheese wraiths at the moment that make a match against them just not fun. If one of my team aren't online and we have to take a random, that's sometimes enough to spell doom against even an unskilled wraith player. That's not right. One of the guys i regularly play with, he plays monster a lot too when we arent all online, and like you he refuses to play Wraith until it is nerfed too, as he thinks its just not right.

We can see how it goes with the upcoming changes. The Kraken changes will also help against stage 1 Krakens which seem slightly OP. As for Cabot, i do agree with the changes now, i used to take damage+ perk with him for extra headshot damage but in a defend yesterday i took reload speed+ and it was ridiculous how much damage i was putting on the monster alone, even without the extra accuracy of a mouse, though i am pretty good with a controller. I can see how headshots and accurate shooting could be even deadlier with a mouse though.

Looking forward to the Val changes, recently started on my medic play and i love Val, she is brilliant.


i think laz and val need a small cd recution for heal burst (Lazs down to 12 sec and vals down to 15 sec with a little decrease in overall healing on other teammates) to be better while focused in high level play, there is no point in choosing one of them instead of caira even with the new changes


I feel like there should be one more major general change to make that wouldn't require fiddling with class abilities:
- introduce 50% damage reduction dealt to incapped hunters by monster (forcing monster to stop beating incapped hunters mid-fight or suffer a lot)
- allow sneak pounce on incapped hunter (to still allow monster to relatively easy take down and kill a hunter that made a mistake of wandering alone. Modified sneak pounce should take roughly as much time from incap to death as beating-incapped-to-death takes before modifications; and monster can still be shot off)


I agree, remember these monsters have to work for stage 3. Anything less would be kind of crappy for them.

I mean, they have a 48% win chance at stage 2 which is pretty even, and expected. (I personally expected less)

They have a 12% win rate or something like that at stage 1 as well. (I expected a LOT less)

So the idea that a monster managed to live long enough to get a 77% winrate is fine in my book.


Bucket's damage isn't so much an issue as his utility. The downside of using the UAV is huge. Even without the downside of vulnerability and/or catching up to the group, it's arguable that the UAV would still not be enough utility to justify his use over Hank or Cabot's utility. He's usable, and he's able to dish out some damage, but he will always be less useful than Hank or Cabot without a redesign to his utility.


In real life, it takes time for a tranquilizer dart to kick in. Things like body mass and heart rate factor in to both how long it takes for the drug to kick in and wear off.


You don't have to use the UAV right after the drop. Pretend you don't have it and follow the trapper/group instead like you would with any other support. After your team finds and domes the monster, get some Sentry Guns down and use the GML. When you hear the Trapper say "The dome is coming down soon," give yourself no more than 5 seconds to get somewhere safe and THEN use the UAV to track the monster before the dome falls.

Bucket's utility IS his damage, between his damage-dealing refuge for the team and his guided missiles. The UAV is handy for some situations, not all. Bucket is not the Trapper. Let the Trapper do his/her job, and support the team by spotting with the UAV when your team is not moving away from you (while the dome is still up). That right there rules out vulnerability and/or catching up with the group.

The fourth Trapper might even replace the UAV with that bird/monkey on his arm to fly over head and spot the monster while the Trapper keeps moving. We'll soon find out.

It would be funny though if Daisy would drag Bucket's body around while he's AFB (away from body). Funny, not practical or balanced.


No way, her tranquilizer definitely needs a buff as currently she is the worst medic by miles. The sniper is a long reload, the tranquilizer lasts a pathetic amount and the med gun is soooo slow AND is like a kill me please monster gun.

I'd like to see all assaults get a damage boost to main gun. Currently monsters often ignore you as you aren't much of a threat. They are only a treat with cabots amp. Me as a monster I also ignore the assault. The medic, trapper and support are far more important to kill. Then just swat the pathetic assault at the end. Assault only handy vs large wildlife.


While using the UAV near the end of dome combat is certainly a viable tactic, it's clearly not the intended use nor is it the most ideal. Unless you have the perfect scenario where the monster is in the middle of your sentries and not easily taking them out with one shot, you are wasting that utility you speak of (damage) for a significant amount of time while you deploy and "spot" the monster.

Meanwhile, Cabot can do the exact same thing near instantly. Again, Bucket is great if you think of him relative only to himself. The real balance concerns come in to play when you think of him relative to the other support options. He just isn't as viable.


It is actually better to ignore assault until you take out the team supporting him. He's too much of a tank to be wasting your time on when there are 3 hunters being a huge nuisance. Every hunter contributes something to the fight, and it just so happens that the only hunter you can, in a way, deny that contribution is assault, if you have armor. I hope it makes sense.


I'm happy about most of these changes, especially the Wraith nerf and Hyde buff both of which I thought the game was in dire need of.

The only thing I'm unhappy about is Cabot's changes. Damage nerf is fine, no problems there considering people were getting crazy numbers with the railgun, but please please please don't also nerf the reload speed! If you want to bring his DPS down more then give him a greater damage nerf. Nerfing his reload speed nerfs his fire rate, which makes it much more difficult for him to deny monsters eating or pouncing at range (which, as I understand it, is supposed to be some of the utility he brings to the team, especially with his dust being able to reveal them for him to hit).

If your only goal is to lower his DPS then lower the damage more. I don't see why reload speed needs to be nerfed as well.


The change literally makes his reload speed .25 of a second longer. It is such a small change if you watch the stream with those changes applied to Cabot, it is virtually un noticable.