Telemetry and Game Balance


Hmm does Supernova count as physical attack ?.. Does it interrupt Laz or any other people helping an incapped player ?
(because technically supernova doesn’t interrupt…)

By the way…
Concerning Val fealing less efficient than Caira…
Maybe it’s because Caira instantly heal a certain amount while Val is only healing over time…
She may be more useful in the long term, but it’s actually less efficient cause your teamates often die in an instant…


It doesn’t interrupt rezs but if you are rezzing someone in a supernova you bring shame to your family for many generations.


Start. Run, feed.
If you are trapped, kill the trapper and run, run, feed.
You should be able to stage up, run, feed again.
If in full armor and trapped, focus Laz, land him a strike, kill the trapper if the dome is still up, run, feed.
Again, if trapped with full armor, focus Laz and land a strike, then trapper again. Now Laz has 2 strikes and any of your maxed out abilities will kill him outright, prepare for this moment.
Important thing is, a lot of monsters try to beat Laz to death which costs them too much time and health they just can’t afford. Do not do that! You only need to incap him and run for more feeding.

Laz team is, in fact, easier to defeat than any other medic.


Oddly enough, we find Caira hard to heal with, primarily because our Hunter players are always jetpacking around dodging monsters. I wonder if with new players, they’re on the ground a lot more, not jetpacking, and this made Caira better for newer players to use than Val.


Personally my first Hunter match on the Beta was with Caira and I quickly realized that you can’t directly aim at your allies to heal them with the grenades. You have to lead your shots. I think its just a matter of learning to lead your shots from a distance, because the AOE of the healing grenades is quite large. And even when I played with people who were constantly everywhere it was all a matter of leading the shots.


I have seriously considered administering these grenades as a pill to Hunters when they needlessly jetpack around (One thing to dodge attacks… another to just… do it for no reason other than to do it)

I like Caira though; I think she’s my new favorite. Simple, yet at the same time requiring a degree of skill to use effectively. Plus she’s a bit hardier than the other two under direct focused assault, at least to me :stuck_out_tongue:


So where did we end up overall.

Well, there were 2,225,939 rounds played!!! The overall win goes to the Hunters, with just 51.5% of the rounds going their way. Average round length was almost 10 minutes long. Max round was 47.18 minutes long, which shouldn’t even be possible (I believe there is a 40 minute hard cut off time so maybe that’s a bug.)

Never ending Evolve matches are bad. How can you fix this?

Here’s where the Hunter damages ended up. Ignore the number, I’m pretty sure that’s wrong, but the ratio from one to the other should be correct.

Should Parnell receive a small buff?

And Monster damage. Keep in mind that just because Goliath did less damage, doesn’t mean he didn’t wreck faces. A monster who finishes a round more quickly will do less damage than one who has a long, drawn out battle.


Great job at keeping the game balanced from the looks of it. Had so much fun in the beta cant wait til release! Also I’m suprised at Hyde being so far behind Markov and Parnell. I guess I’ll just have to be one of the players to help boost his damage numbers after release :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can tell you from looking at the mastery data, that most Hyde players used their minigun instead of their flamethrower, which would account for his relatively low damage output.


Now that makes sense. I was suprised because I found that Hydes Poison and Flamthrower combo packed such a big punch, thats what made him my favorite assault.


There’s alot of discussion on monsters being OP on higher levels. Could you show us the telemetry on win % from level 15 and up?


Why is griffin so high? I guess new players aren’t trying to harpoon the monster enough.


Good question. Here are level 15 and higher games.

What we typically see is the wins teeter back and forth from Hunters to Monster and back to Hunters again as players learn, adapt and counter. We expect the balance to swing back towards the Hunters again once players start to max out their rank. When I bump to level 20 and higher, the number starts to dip again so you can already see the trend.

Analysis of the Infographic
TRS released some fun Beta info

With Item switch perk I was able to deal damage while my harpoon was reloading. I’m pretty good at getting headshots. The numbers feel right to me however I’m not sure how many other players were doing this.

It isn’t always ideal to be harpooning the monster either. Eventually they know you’ll do it so they’re ready or the terrain is not advantageous for a harpoon (or unnecessary). Often monsters would think they could get away after a dome goes down but that’s when I’d pull out the trusty poon and laugh as they leaped no where, several times!

With a dome up the trapper often becomes the target of the monster. A direct line between Griffin and a monster is exactly what a monster wants. In this case damage is also priority.

Just a couple thoughts from a competitive Griffin player’s perspective.


I do feel like Val should heal a little faster since it’s single target.

@MacMan: Is there anyway to compare “healing done” between Caira and Val? I’m sure Caira’s is higher due to the AoE but I’m curious as to how much more healing Caira does overall compared to Val over the course of a game.


Haha watch Laz have a higher healing number than Val with just his healing burst :stuck_out_tongue:


That too. Hence why I said might, not must. :wink:


You ever fight a Laz with the megamouth perk?

Healing bursts. Healing bursts everywhere.