Telemetry and Game Balance


It is strange because I am not feeling any of what you are saying in my play. I don’t fly out of combat much and if I do it is a short dash low to the ground to keep myself hidden. I agree he is the slowest monster thanks to his slow traversal ability compared to Goliath and Wraith.

I have actually found that leaving banshee mines behind every wall and cave entrance I go past slows the hunters down a lot, also often leaving them on low health if they are not really on the ball. I have killed many teams at stage one thanks to banshee mines, I get domed and just kill everyone, each person who is down gets a banshee mine on their face to keep allies from trying to rez them, anyone more persistent is hit with vortex or lightning strike and that usually results in another down. If this doesn’t wipe the team they usually have enough strikes for me to close out the game at level 2.

I also find that in combat I keep enough distance and stay high in the air so that the enemy can rarely break through my armour, often just running out of jetpack constantly trying to get to me making them easy targets for lightning strike.

If it helps, my build is Level 1, Banshee, lightning, vortex, one point each. This is the kite kit. If people chase you throw vortex and lay banshee mine traps. Level 2, max lightning and add another point to banshee(edit: It occurs to me I don’t always add the point to banshee, sometimes I add it to vortex instead depending on if I find my mines are actually doing damage/enemy team shoot them consistently), continue kiting, if you get some one down or see some one who could be lightning one hit, try it and you will usually win, if you miss, keep kiting.

If for some reason it gets to 3, I finish vortex and 1 point in aftershock, or if I have enough strikes to be aggressive or need to throw a curve ball at the enemy, max aftershock.

With this build I have NEVER lost as kraken, either in the big alpha or in the current beta. Good luck!

Kraken Help!

Challenge accepted mate. Going to try to win using this strategy.


I had a pretty close match yesterday where I was able to get the Power Source down in the last minute or so; and I would’ve definitely lost if I had been playing anything other than Kraken. The quick respawn+lack of strikes makes it pretty rough on the Monster!


yea i know the feeling my group went from almost a 50 50 split down to about 80-20 and I feel you about the medic i hate when that happens, my team is only 3 guys so our temp ( who wasn’t in party chat) kept reviving or running off where i couldn’t heal em.


Good news! 1 star movement speed perk grants 10% movement speed!


Here’s the telemetry from today’s games, broken down per monster. Looks like we have a little work to do. Wraith looks a bit like Kraken did during the Big Alpha. We only made a few small tweaks to Kraken and now everything looks fine, so hopefully only a few tweaks needed for Wraith as well. Glad to have the beta to test stuff out.




Hunting Down Wraith and Winning (Mostly)
Analysis of the Infographic
Average armor levels seem to make Stage 1 fights not punishing enough for Monsters

So what you are saying, is that to ensure quality gameplay you are going to extend the Beta, through the week? :smile:


Interesting, this kind of puts a bit of context to the “you can’t find the wraith” talk given that people are encountering the wraith around the same point as other monsters. But that round length and average monster stage definitely suggests the Wraith is just biding time getting to Stage 3 more so than any of the others.


You know, I think it depends on how you define “finding” all because you saw a glimpse of it, doesnt mean you really had an encounter. I know that the last game we played against a wraith, we saw it fairly early on, but that was it for a good 4 minutes or so.


Wraith games seem to have the longest duration. I’d like to see more fighting before the wraith gets to stage 3 even if it’s mostly a wraith dodging around, we need to see some forward progress. Had a 30 minute game vs one that spent 15 minutes hiding outside the power relay room sending in decoys on us. We won, wasn’t fun though.


Well, and the overall stats are about consistent for how today has felt so far… it’s tough being a Hunter with a pack of random people against a quickly-learning and adapting set of Monsters.


Daisy is a pro at wraith-tracking, to the point where we will even follow her during a fight, because she seems to totally ignore the decoy. We tend to find the Wraiths at least once per stage, and sometimes several times during second stage. That’s likely because the Wraith is willing to burn time and armor trying to get some down penalties on us, but that tends not to work with Lazarus and Hank around.


She doesn’t TOTALLY ignore the decoy, but she will pretend it doesn’t exist if it’s not within like 15m of her and it doesn’t startle birds.

Depends what 1st encounter actually means. If that’s just a decoy for example…that’s not a real encounter. It’s just like getting the thunderdome accolade on the decoy…


“First encounter” is when one team deals damage to the other (decoy hitting hunters counts but hunters hitting decoy does not count.) Granted, it could just be a 200 meter shot but the important thing is to know how long it took for the two teams to run into each other.


Gotcha that makes a bit more sense. Do things like sound spikes activating due to the monster count as well?


You guys need a “real encounter” marker. Like monster taking health damage, or hunter being incapped, or even catching the monster in a dome(not counting when getting a dome on a decoy).


I don’t think a “real encounter” mark is needed in telemetry (it is a bit reliant on the fight being one sided and/or particularly brutal…it’d false positive towards higher stages of monster IMO), but I would be interested in a “caught” marker for the monster so we have a time and average stage for a monster that is first domed (as you say) rather than encountered.


Nope. Only damage.


Is there any data on first successful dome for each monster?


I managed to pullout a win as Kraken with this strategy! I often chose flight over fight before, now I realize that by taking out he trapper as early as I can means I can survive to stage 2! I found most usefull the smell perk to see my adversaries before they came.

I still think the Kraken needs a bit of a buff, but I’m going to experiment and see if I was just glitched out before, because this time I was not immediately found after sneaking.