Telemetry and Game Balance 7.0.1


Telemetry and Game Balance thread is back with a vengeance! We’re going to move to a patch by patch format to try and make discussion and up to date data more readily available to readers. As always, thanks so much to @MacMan for all the information and data!

Here are relevant figures from the last thread pertinent to this patch cycle:

Blitz Markov Damage

Normal Markov Damage

Character Picks

Character Win/Loss Ratios


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When do you think we’ll get a chart with EMET?


So since the other one is closed now, I will ask here again:

@MacMan did you guys get to update the Telemetry system, so that you can see telemetry seperated by skill ranks, and so that you can add amplified damage (weakpoints, amp) to the damage chart and substract Super Soldier from it?



Response to The_Mastermind asking about healing between each medic and ammo in telemetry:

Response to Hunt 2.0 ranks (indication of skill) instead of player rank of 1-40 (indication of time played):

“mountains of data” is pretty accurate :smiley:


Mountains xD’. I like it.


When you see that 2 medics are played more than OG Val.


That’s more the same for Lennox being played more than Torvald. I guess the amount of games I play does have an impact.


I would not have guessed that result, but it does make some since. For casual players Lazarus is very forgiving if a teammate screws up early (dying from wildlife or stage 1 monster), and a lot of average skilled monsters probably over commit when fighting him. I also think the Devs had a great idea with Rogue Val, she really takes a lot of pressure off the medic (less focus on healing, good sustainability, and really hard for monster to kill an incapped player), and lets you shoot the monster a lot more. That is clearly a play style which is embraced by a lot of the player base.

I think Emet may also work really well for casual players, where his inability to save a teammate from a good monster’s focused burst is not as important.


I was actually referring to that what you quoted. I read these lines a while ago and wanted to know whether it was implemented by now. Guess it is still soon…


yup. trust me, its coming Soon ™. and i can’t wait to see more edible data


Edit: wrong thread


@MacMan could we get stats on Emet since we’re nearing his week release?


Yeah Lazarus is highly frustrating for this reason. Your almost forced to over engage just to ensure you get a strike or two. Costing you a lot of health when one small mistake can make it worthless.


but thats the beauty of laz.


##Reminder to all forum users. Due to the holiday season, i would think that the devs would not be at work and will be unable to post telemetry as per the usual request.

##This should also be kept in mind for any other topics that the devs are tagged in as they may be busy with family/friends during this time period.


Garrgh my eyes! Thanks for the reminder @The_Mastermind but please keep the text standard sized next time. :dizzy_face:


@MacMan A question about your new telemetry system: Does it also provide statistics about the usage of 3 ability points in one skill at Stage 3? I can image that there is some imbalace there, as I dont see much Level 3 Banshees and Charges, whereas I dont see much Level 1 Leap Smashes and Aftershocks.


Yup. Currently Emet is the strongest Medic at a 51.5% win ratio. He leads over the #2 ranked Lazarus, who has a 47.7% win ratio (Gorgon is still pushing the Hunters down overall.)

While it may take some time for Monster players to adjust to the respawn beacon, we can see that Emet is dealing too much damage. He’s got a significant jump over Slim, who was the previous damage dealer champ on the medic team.

We did nerf his damage in the day 0 micropatch when released, but it looks like it wasn’t enough. When taking a closer look at how the damage is being dealt, we see a larger than expected percentage coming from the tracking shot.

We already have Gorgon and Emet adjustments (among others) being tested in our internal playtests.

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[PRE] Patch 8.0 Discussion of Confirmed Changes and speculated changes [No Alpha Elite Skin]
Who else thinks Emet (healing) is going to be nerfed?