Telekinetic "Separater" Monster Idea


Name: Banshee

I know, I know, Kraken has an ability called “banshee mines,” but I think the name is appropriate. You’ll see why further down.

Anyway, this monster would fill a different role than the others. This one focuses on separating the hunters from each other and distracting them, disrupting their team synergy. It accomplishes this through telekinesis. She has a slightly lower pool of health and armor, somewhere between Kraken and Wraith, but has good mobility.

In terms of appearance, I was thinking of maybe a limbless creature that evolved to have telekinesis to compensate. It has a humanoid torso, and an overall emaciated appearance. It has an almost skull-like face with no nose, having two slits in its place, no ears, and glowing white eyes. Its mouth has multiple sharp fangs and no lips, so the teeth are always showing. It has multiple appendages growing from its scalp that reach down to its back. They resemble extremely thick strands of hair, but are in fact fleshy. Think of something like the “dreadlocks” of the predators.

Banshee moves by using her telekinesis to levitate above the ground, and her telekinetic abilities cause a sort of ripple in the air, similar to heat distortion. Having no arms, Banshee melee attacks with pure telekinetic force, and has longer melee range than most monsters. The distortion effect would stretch from her shoulders when she melee attacks, giving the illusion of striking with an arm. Her movement ability would be a quick thrust forward that covers a lot of distance.

Now, on to the abilities.

1: Grapple
Telekinetically grabs a single hunter at long range, lifts them into the air, and slams them down in front of Banshee, dealing moderate damage. Good for getting enemies within melee range. Upgrades increase damage and range.

2: Throw
Telekinetically grabs and lifts a single hunter in front of Banshee at close range, then throws them very far. Can be aimed similarly to Goliath’s rock throw by holding down the button. Hunters that impact an object after being thrown take moderate damage. Hunters are very briefly unable to perform any actions after being thrown, but after recovering, can avoid damage from impact by activating their jetpacks. This makes it a tradeoff between dealing damage, and dividing the group. Upgrades increase damage and throw distance.

3: Barrier
Traps a single hunter inside of a force-field. The affected hunter is temporarily unable to move, shoot, or use abilities. However, they are also immune to damage and knockback. Teammates can free the trapped hunter early by destroying the barrier. The monster cannot damage the barrier. Either way, you have a hunter who’s temporarily out of the fight, or an incapacitated hunter and a distracted teammate trying to free them, who could be an easy target. Upgrades increase duration and the health of the barrier. Duration is 8 seconds at level 1, 10 seconds at level 2, and 12 seconds at level 3.

4: Psionic Explosion
True to her name, Banshee screams loudly before emitting three successive blasts of telekinetic force around her. This is an area of effect that not only damages anything close to her, but pushes them away from her, with each blast being larger than the last. The first two blasts don’t push the targets out of the range of the subsequent blasts, but the third blast pushes enemies very far away. Each blast deals moderate damage, which can be potentially high in total if all three hit. It’s a good panic button that gives you some breathing room, and synergizes well with grapple. The actual attack starts one second after Banshee starts screaming, giving the hunters some warning. Upgrades increase damage and range.

Well, that’s what I’ve got so far. I’d appreciate you guys letting me know what you think.


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