Technically, there are twice as many monsters as you might think


When I started asking for advice on playing, one argument always came up… NO kb and mouse.

So I Started to learn the KB and Mouse.

Now my 10 dollar keyboard and mouse is my preferred way to play. but there is one HUGE differnce some of you may not of noticed.

The monsters have complete different personalities when played by a controller or a keyboard and mouse.

I am a little tired atm, and if anyone can take this and run with it for me atm I would be appreciated.

But to give you a quick example with the Behemoth. Turing is odd with the kb and mouse, but when using the controller, the movement feels completely different and you can easily drive the way you need. (because he rolls, get it?)

On kb and m the roll is much harder to maneuver, but you can do have odd stickiness to the walls with the A and D on the keyboard (the strafes)

Now you could work on it and play close to the same of course, but thats not what I am talking about. I am talking about the inherint different feels the monsters have when played with the different controlling methods. If you are bored with a monster? try a controller and add those skills to your library and vice versa of course.


I can only agree on a totally different game (Super Smash Bros.) that with different controllers a same player’s gonna play differently the same character.