Technical question about knockback


Does upgrading a skill with knockback as an effect increase just its damage or the actual amount people are knocked back as well?


I believe @Macman would be best to answer this. I’m not sure if knockback is based on the ability, or the amount of damage done.


If an ability does damage and knock backs, typically if you put more points into it, the damage and knock back value will increase.


Does it increase because the base damage increases, or because the skill has more points in it. For instance, would having a damage perk add more distance to my knockbacks than without?


Ooh, and how much knockback does wraith have? All the trailers and stuff show some mean force behind those scythes, and I was wondering if wraith has more knockback than Goliath or kraken (since he/she’s a subterfuge focused monster)


No, the Wraith has very little knockback because most of it’s damage is it’s melee attacks.


The heavy attack uppercut knocks the hunters up into the air. The knock back is up and away, and pretty significant. We tune all the knockbacks according to each monster’s heavy attack. Basically make it look/feel right for each one. We don’t try to make them all the same. They each have their own values.


Damage multipliers don’t affect knock back. Knock backs are hard set per ability.


Cheers for that Mac. I know that you get busy but thanks for having the time to answer these questions :smiley:


Yeah, thanks for that, the differing knockbacks definitely help with the asymmetry and making each monster feeling uniquely right. Well done!