Tech Sgt. Hanks: his shield buff needs too long (imho)

So he’s supposed to support the team by shielding everyone, I guess. Well I stopped bothering with that as it gets reduced very fast and takes forever to apply. I need to use 2 full charges for 1 hunter to top him off. Considering the time it takes to buff everyone, keep an eye on the minimap, dodge stuff, etc. I just don’t see the benefit being anywhere in balance with the effort. Usually I just spam the laser and watch my drill miss him.

If I am to support my team with shields they need to be applied much faster to be of any use in a dome. Feel free to disagree, but that’s my current conclusion for the devs to consider.

Well, that’s kinda his thing. You spend your time outside domes applying shields, and during combat you focus on doing damage. If you want to shield during combat, regular hank is more for you


As LordDerp said, shielding is meant to be applied between domes. During combat, shield whatever hunters aren’t being focused, and use your lasers while you wait for the shields to recharge.

And also, you might want to look into hank if split second shielding is more your thing.

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Roger that. I post these to give an an idea of what impression that character left when I played him, just so the devs can maybe draw some conclusions on a newb’s perception.

I do agree that he is a little underperforming compared to other supports. I think that his shield supplier should either apply shields faster, or get a massive capacity buff.

(perhaps even infinite capacity?)
((or maybe make it a chain shield supplier. Like rogue vals heal-gun, but with shields…))

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Tech Hanks support ability gives permanent shields to the whole team. If you take Command and Leadershio you can pop a team shield off relatively quick, the shield projector should be used in combat to shield targets who, don’t have full shields, and aren’t being directly targeted by the monster.

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That what I was just thinking, the chain shielding would make it more viable.

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