Tech Sgt Hank Strategy, Tips and Advice


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Stage 2: Tech Sgt. Hank Strategy, Tips and Advice


At the start of hunt, shield either Medic or Trapper first, since Assault has their own personal shield.

When in a fight, Try and shield hunters that are getting focused. The Shield Charger acts like a small Health boost, since if Tech Hank can apply 20 shield points before a hunter gets hit and the monster’s ability does 50 damage, the focused hunter will only take 30 Health damage instead of the 50 with out the shield.

Another tip is that you can extend the capacity of the Shield Charger if you spam it in 1 second intervals, and I’m talking about 1 Mississippi. This is also slightly faster at applying shields.

If you or a teammate is being focused, drop the Orbital Lazer (where a roof/arch/ceiling isn’t) and then stand in the beam or tell the hunter who’s being focused to get to the beam. Sure enough the monster should back off unless they want massive damage.


So Tech Hank’s shield application has increased efficiency at the beginning?