Tech. Sgt. Hank shield is not working properly with Assault´s personal shield


Try this is solo (same happens in multiplayer) :

  1. As TSH, shield assault for a tiny bit
  2. Swap to assault and use your personal
  3. You will get only like half of personal shield

This bug happens also when you are shielded by half. If you activate personal , you iwll get only like 1/4th extra shield, not full.

It is game breaking, because when assault is really low and Tech sgt. Starts to shield him and assault pops his Personal to safe himself and let medic Heal, he will recieve only half shield and will most likely die.


Well it might be increasing “Maximum Total Shield Value” in the case of Tech Hank’s Shield. If anything two things can be done.

  1. Test with a Rock Throw when Assault is in this state and see if all the Shield goes away fully or not.

  2. Why the hell would you activate your Shield with a bit of Hank’s Shield on you?

Well I guess if you only have a smidge of HP left with a smidge of Hank Shield I guess that makes sense… then it would fall back to testing out my first point.


Oh well…


Well I was testing another bug I come across today . When assault got small amount of TSH shield and uses his personal, he will get full shield and the shield remains even after personal wears of.

Unfortunately I wasnt able to replicate it and I discovered this.

I know its pretty useless but hey, I was bored .-.


But the question I wonder is this though.

If both Hank and Assault Shields are active and Assault takes damage which Shield type takes the hit?

Of course preferably Assault’s but who knows?


Good question, but I think its personal too. But will have to try it


According to @white_hawke8 and his new guide, stacking shields is a waste since damage will reduce both shields at the same time. If one shield has more capacity at the time you will get the full benefit but no bonus from the second shield and both will be reduced.

Here is a link to the guide:


Yeah, stacking shields is the worst. Never do that. It only makes Hunters sad.


Tagging @LadieAuPair


Fixed for the TU08 patch!


Awesome ! :smile:


Fixed! If this comes back, it’s a different bug. Open a new thread!