Tech Sgt. Hank - Noticable Laser Cutter Changes?


What changes did Hank’s variant Laser Cutter get apart from the ever so slightly higher fire rate from the continuous beam. All I can see is that it has less capacity and a considerably higher recharge rate.


I think it also does more damage.


Less damage hits more often.


So with that logic, he should be able to produce more damage?


The higher rate of fire doesn’t look that significant to its non-variant, but it does have a much smaller capacity meaning it may have a slightly higher dps, the total amount of damage per clip/battery however looks smaller


Dunno, the cutter will most likely outdamage when the monster isn’t darting around. The Laser is better for short bursts before having to move/change position.


Doesn’t it do DoT, I’m sure I read that somewhere.


It does fire damage I think . Or at least the Orbital Drill does.


I read that too. It’s very misintepreting as it doesn’t do that.


No, the laser cutter does not.


Only the drill does fire damage.


Yeah I figured that out, thanks anyways.


Not with that logic, no.


More headshots possible. That makes the laser strong in my eyes.


But less damage, so each headshot counts for less.


It also got longer range, not sure how more exactly.


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