Tech Sgt. Hank AI Issue


The Tech Sgt. Hank bot doesn’t seem to use his Orbital Drill at all in Defend mode if you are playing as the Monster. He used his other abilities but just refused to call down that sweet beam of death. I was playing as Goliath, but I also played as Emet against Gorgon to test this again. Same result: He just wouldn’t use the Orbital Drill.


I have noticed the same thing while farming masteries. He doesn’t call in the orbital drill and barely charges up shields on anyone. Most of the time he would give a sliver of shields to me and stop. I’ve also noticed that the bots seem to over prioritize going after the monster while his minions are left to wreck the generators.


I’ll tag some of the AI Engineers/Programmers in here and they can take a look into it if they see the thread :slightly_smiling:

@Maleficus @RaymondLukes @Anthonylinx

Have you also submitted this problem using the new Issue Reporter?


Tech Hank, when it comes to using his Shield, has the same programming as standard Hank.

He only Shields when a Hunter is in danger. Otherwise he never uses it.

AI using Orbital Drill? Heh, he never ever uses it at any point in time.


I hope they make it so he charges people’s shields when they’re out of combat.


Tech Sgt Hank Bots are Torvald Bots 2.0 lol

Torvald didnt hv use his Mortars as bot
After the Jack Update he got fixed and is 1 of the Best Bots in a match


Hey guys,

Seems like there are two bugs here you guys are reporting:

TSHank isn’t using his shield gun correctly. I suspect he is trying to use it like Vanilla Hank’s shield gun. The original gun is reaction based where this one requires the shield to be charged on a person ahead of time. I’ll take a look at this and see what I can do about getting this to work better/correctly.

TSHank isn’t using his Orbital Drill in defend. Are you seeing this in any other modes or is he using it correctly in Hunt? If it’s only defend then I suspect that he is waiting for an Arena to be thrown before using it and since we tend not to use the arena in defend there is never an opportunity.

I’ll add some bugs to the system for this and we’ll take a look. Thanks guys.


I’ve seen him use it mainly when the monster is domed.


I’ve noticed he tends to use it all the time if the monster is domed. And yes, he really needs to fill those shields up!


I have had this happen in almost all game modes except rescue and nest which I never play so I am not sure if it is happening in those game modes but I can confirm he does it in hunt arena and defend


Thanks guys our QA also confirmed that he is using it while in a dome. I’ll take a look at removing the restrictions in other modes and see if that fixes things. We need to make sure that we don’t bring back the days of old Hank bot where he OBed his teammates more then the monster but we’ll work on making this better.


Yeah he does seem to use the Orbital Drill occasionally but it is so rare one feels like he never uses it and this includes Hunt Mode as well. Dunno about Nest or Rescue considering how rare those are played.