Tech Seargeant Hank Is Underpowered... badly!


Ya it’s cool that you can shield your whole team before you enter battle but the moment a person gets focused on, it’s game over lets not lie. I’m waiting for the you need to dodge chants to come!! But seriously you can’t tell me TSH is a good adaptation, there is no way you honestly think that. His shields are so slow and his lazer orbital is so slow, speed it up a bit lol, it hits the monster for a half a second and then that’s it. Ill admit his lazer cutter is awesome, needs a longer capacity but still awesome. Have a great day!


I would like a little faster shield charge with him. It seems way to slow, and makes it practically useless in a focusing situation.

Perhaps make it so that when the monster turns away, he will pay for what he did, when he turns around there is a full shield on him!
Currently it is way to slow.

It shields for less damage and comes back slower than hanks shield projector, so defense is out of the picture.

Like his damage though.

Would have to agree, his lazer needs a slight speed boost.


All he needs is 1.25x, maybe 1.5x, application(shields) speed.

If the time it takes to apply shields goes down however, it gives him more time to shoot the monster, increasing his damage. So, the buff must be cautious.


I was thinking the shield should begin charging quicker, and then slow down the longer it’s being applied. Or vice Versa.


Sergeant, it’s spelled Sergeant! >.>


it takes 28.6secs to put a full shield on a teammate WITH MASTERY and CAPACITY PERK (best perk for shield charger)


I would agree, I think I faster charging rate is needed OR they increase the capacity of the shield.


i think the question should be.

Why would you want a faster shield rate?

To counteract focusing more
to apply shields faster/more often in a dome


Numbers are so good at displaying frustration :stuck_out_tongue:


The shields aren’t meant for building while they’re being focus. They’re meant to be built before the fight. Vanilla Hank already has the shield to protect focused atks. If we gave it to T. Hank then it’s not much of an adaptation.

His laser gun is super awesome. Love it.

His laser beam seems fine to me…can be used to punish a ballsy monster. The type that refuses to leave the incapped guy alone. Punishes them hard if they refuse to move. Also it’s nice that it doesn’t have any huge explosions to knock your fellow hunters around.


it would take 20.5hours to do 1million shield charges


This is the great art. Normal Hank wold bombard a corpse and no one can rez them. Tech Sgt Hank allows to punish and force the monster to take a lot of damage or someone can go in for the rez. Works pretty well with Laz.

Also, the shield is preemptive and not designed for focused combat. That is what Hank is for.


Play him with RV and WLM. That comp feels so OP because of the heavy damage from it. I’ve yet to break it with any monster (or even get reasonably close).


Better consumption - recharge rate would be good

In his current state . He is the worst character (most UP in the game


Laser cutter and orbital drill are fine, I think that a buff to the health of his shields would be beneficial because of the ridiculously long…[quote=“chrono, post:9, topic:80697”]

…apply time. :smiley_cat:


increasing capacity doesnt affect the shield the main stats on the charger are

shield rate
max shield


All the shield needs:

  1. Larger capacity ( so Hank can shield more)
  2. Larger capacity on Hunters ( So the shield can whitstand more than just 1 rockthrow)
  3. No movement penalty for Hank when shielding someone
  4. Just a little bit faster shielding rate

And Orbital Lazor really need faster movement speed


Tech Sgt Hank isn’t about making the team harder to kill during a fight, he’s about making engaging the hunters a big commitment, and he frees the medic up to do damage while the shields are up.

As a monster, a team of people with 2 health bars does not look enticing to you if you’re in any way the underdog. So maybe instead of hit and run, i’ll just keep running and not put strikes on you until S3 power relay. As a monster, if i attack them then i’m gonna have 4 guns on me while i’m walking towards them to engage, during the fight, and up until i break the first shield, do some health damage, and pull the medic off of their gun. By then, I might not have much armor and you can turn the tables.


You’re correct…Sgt. Tech hank shields are meant to be placed before a fight. And when you do get in fight you want to keep replenishing hunter shields who aren’t being focused.

I hate to say it op but yeah playing with sgt hank on your team means hunters are going to have to be able to dodge. Sgt hank isn’t suppose to be able to counter hard focus like normal hank.

So a faster rate on his shield will be basically turning him into a normal hank kind of. As he can mitigate hard focus with a faster rate on his shield gun.

I say Sgt hank is a hard character to play with because team has to be able to mitigate damage on there own with out his reliance on hank.

I will also say that if he was to get a buff it wouldn’t be on the rate but on the health. Right now it takes long time to full hunters up fully only for the shield to be destroyed with one hit. It needs a little more health…

And the rest of his kit his fine!


Of course tech Hank is UP when you try to play him like normal Hank. Try something else

Tech Hank isn’t meant to counter monster focus in a dome. He counters surprise attacks and ambushes. He shields against wildlife, so you don’t enter a dome with half health.
The hunters can spread more and the trapper has some help, when he sprints ahead to dome the monster.
His damage is also really high in domes. Every time normal Hank would have his shield projector in his hand, tech Hank keeps doing damage.
When someone is being focused, just put your orbital on him and you’ll defend your teammate while doing even more damage.

Tech Hank is not supposed to be played in a defensive comp. He’s meant for offense!

I find Rogue Val to be the best medic with tech Hank. Add mad Mags and a good assault and just kill the monster already. Everyone can just focus on damage and let their passives (heals, shields, harpoons) do the defensive part.