Tech sargent hank shield burst dosent go down [not a bug]


is this a bug? is it intended? i dont think it is. cause the shield burst dosent go down(time expiration i mean) but with all other supports it expires.

i really wanted to exploit this since im a support main, but i feel this needs to be adressed.

so basically the exploit + bug is, you cast shield burst right at the start at the game,keep recharging someones shield,shield burst again, it stacks, traps a monster level 1 and everyone has one life and a half. this is ridiculous cause if the monster gives you time in the dome, you can just keep stacking shield bursts.


Tech Sgt. Hank’s shield is designed to stay on the person until it’s destroyed!
It’s a game design that makes him different from regular old Hank who’s shield charge only stays on while you’re using it.


i know but,thats his shield recharger, im talking about shield burst, which is odd cause it functions diferently then any other shield burst in the game.


It’s not a bug, it’s supposed to work just like his projector.

Source (sweet and simple)




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